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Looking for info on a 387th man...

Discussion in '387th BG' started by Garandomatic, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Garandomatic

    Garandomatic New Member

    Recently picked up the uniform of Arthur W. Knapp, 387th BG, 557th BS. I haven't found much besides the fact that he was a pilot. I like pretty much all American aircraft of WWII, and would like to know if any pictures of his plane(s) exist, or etc. like they often seem to for 8th AF B-17 units. Really, any information would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  3. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Looking at the 387th BG information that I have processed, I can find 1st Lt. Arthur W. Knapp was a pilot and obtained his first Air Medal on orders dated the 24th February 1945. He obtained 3 Oak Leave clusters in further orders, dated up to the 3rd May 1945. He also obtained a DFC on an order dated the 31st July 1945. Unfortunately the full ACLL's (Air Crew Load Lists) for the 387th have never been discovered in any records, but as a Pilot he could appear in the mission records on various paperwork, IF he was a primary Pilot, rather than a Co-Pilot! I do have the full 387th Mission Records, but unfortunately do not currently have the time to process these properly, to obtain any further information about Lt. Knapp from them.

    As a director of the B-26 MHS I have access to a database that shows Lt. Knapp on at least four Order Papers in our collection.
    Two of these Orders show him and a crew finishing training at Lake Charles, LA., on the 14th October 1944 and being sent to Hunter Field, Savannah, GA., for further transfer to overseas destination, via Camp Kilmer, N.J., on the 21st October 1944: A third Order, dated the 18th December 1944 shows him being assigned from the 154th Replacement Company, 70th Replacement Depot, to the 387th BG and the fourth, from the 387th BG, shows his assignment from that organization, the 70th Replacement Depot, and to the 557th BS, specifically, on the 26th December 1944.

    I hope that this helps you understand a little more about this person and his service, and can therefore enjoy the uniform more fully.

    Mutley. AKA Brian Gibbons
    B-26 Marauder historian and B-26 MHS director.

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