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Looking for Escape reports for all B-26 related crewmen

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by Mutley, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Hi all

    I have slowly been working on ALL of the MACR's for B-26 related aircraft and crews, thanks to a friend back in England who managed to find most of them, which is just under 1,000!?, online!

    Now I am trying to find copies of all of the "E and E", Escape and Evasion reports, along with another director who wants to sort out the various camps where all of the POW's were sent.

    I know that these are supposed to be available via the NARA website, but have never succeeded in finding the right link (Key!) to open that door! So I do not know how to be sure that any referencing that may be found, can link any specific person to the B-26 Marauder, by unit or other cross reference, also!

    To anybody that does reply. Please don't rush to do so. I would rather have a more complete list of people, and the respective "E and E" number, that I can then crosscheck with other data to see if there is, or isn't, the suggested connection. Than have multiple small, or otherwise fragmented pieces of information that take far more effort to sort through and / or work out correctly the connections.

    I am doing this for the benefit of the B-26 Marauder Historical Society (MHS) to which I am a director, and have no plans to do anything other than further our organisations aims of providing the best possible research and information of ALL people that had a Martin B-26 Marauder connection. Be that anybody from the "Rosie the Riveter's" who built the plane, to the highest commanding officers that commanded the crewmen that had any connection to the aircraft, in the air or on the ground!
  2. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    For B-26s operating out of England and possibly later from the continent, try this link:


    This goes to 3 linked pages. Note that the plane types, e.g. B-26 are indicated.

    To actually retrieve a report, start on this page: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305270
    About halfway done the page is a "Search Within This Series" box. Click it and you are carried to a search this page with *.* in the top left search field (or you could just start on this page):

    https://catalog.archives.gov/search?q=*:*&f.ancestorNaIds=305270&sort=naIdSort asc

    I usually use the first link to find the actual report number, then use that number to search within the series.

    For example, on the first link, on the first page, note that report 206 is for Fred L Murray from B-26 "Double Trouble".

    So enter 206 instead of *.* in the top left search box of the archives search page.

    That should get you to a page that includes a link to report 206 for Murray, Fred Lenton. Click it and you get here:


    Note the B-26s included in these files are only for B-26s operating out of England/France etc.

    Italian reports, for example are not here. Those are on CDs (12th AF) from AFHRA. Reports related to Pacific units (if there are any) would probably also be at AFHRA.
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  3. mcoffee

    mcoffee Member

  4. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Thanks Guys.

    I took a quick look at the "conscript-heroes.com" website and even found someone from my father's regiment, but I don't know what Battalion!?, yet! So I will be in touch with the Regimental historian to find that out shortly!

    I have to take a break for a couple of weeks however. To help my family with funeral arrangements for our mother, but will get back to the hard research at my earliest convenience. That research and compilation is going to be so much easier now however!
  5. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  6. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

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