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    A young man from Israel has his father's memorabilia and said his Mom called this money packet by a funny name that his Dad had told they referred to it as. Any clues of the nick names for the packet

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    Thanks I'll pass this along
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    Can't address "typically" as it relates to Short Snorters, but all I have seen from CBI were on local currency. According to Dad's comments, he didn't see US denominations in hte nearly fourteen months between when he reached Karachi, India and when he reached Manilla on the way back to the USA.
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    Scott, the leftmost note that cody1947 posted is a Mexican Peso and the next one is a 1 lire Italian Allied Military Currency note as can be seen here, so probably not escape money.


    The one on the right is a 5 peso Mexican Note. I suspect the collection is from someone who trained in the SW or West US, hit Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana on a weekend pass and then may have served in Italy. There is possibly a Allied Military Japanese 5 yen note in the middle but I am not sure of that one.
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    Thank you, Rolland. I see that now, and concur with your evaluation.

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