Location of the B-24 fuel sight glasses in the forward bomb bay

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    I'm working on a personal mission history of a 445th Bomb Group flight engineer for his grandson. The family has provided a personal log of his missions and his account of the 4 Apr 45 attack on the Me 262 airfield at Perleberg, Germany has a wealth of details. On bomb run, an 88mm round goes through the port wing and knocks down the left main gear. The engineer is concerned about a hole in the left wing tanks, so he goes to check the fuel level in the wing tank.

    I'm trying to get a visualization of where the sight glasses would be located in the B-24. I don't want to wait until the Collings Foundation B-24 comes to AZ in April.
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    rear bulkhead - pilots side -- item 26

    cockpit.JPG fuel.JPG
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