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    I am trying to locate the loading lists for the first B-29 raid on Japan by the 40th BG and in particular the Headquarters Squadron and the 25th Bomb Squadron. This mission was flown from China on the night of June 15/16, 1944 against the Yawata Steel Works. The list I am seeking is the loading list for the plane possibly flown by Col Harman, the 40th BG commander. I believe one of the crew members was R/O Arthur Carnes. I am trying to identify the full crew for that mission.

    I have tried to contact the 40th BG website without result:
    (Perhaps the site is no-longer being actively maintained or the contact e-mail addresses are no-longer monitored).
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  2. Rolland ,
    I have a Partial List.
    Col. Harman's Pilot was Lt. Col. Warren Wilkinson.
    CP/OB - 2d Lt. Delmar Stevens
    Nav - Capt. Dean Delafield
    B - Capt. William C. Goldstein
    Asst. B - 2d Lt. Glen Berkihiser
    G - Sgt. Morris Kramer
    Combat Correspondent / OB - Roy Porter
    HQ - Colonel James Garcia flew as an Observer
    with Lt. Col. Winton Close Crew.
    From Book: B-29 Story by Major Gene Gurney USAF
    Pages 38 - 41.
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    Mike, thanks for the input. I don't know if you have been following this thread:


    but the information I am seeking relates to that. I will try and find some photos of the men you listed and see if I can find them in the newsreel.
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    There is a photo of Wilkinson and crew here. Not a very good photo, unfortunately, but even allowing for that I am not "seeing" a good match with any of them to the
    crew in the newsreel talking with Harman.


    I can get some good "stills" from the newsreel for several of the B-29 crew members. I think if we can locate decent comparison photos we could match a few of them.
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    I contacted the daughter of Warren S Wilkinson and she took a look at the video. She did not identify her father in the newsreel crew. However, this got me to thinking and I went back and looked at every photo on the 40th BG website, looking in particular for other headquarters crews. And Eureka, I found this photo:


    When they are lined up toward the end of the shot in the newsreel the men are Henry P "Chick" Luna, Capt Bill Hilt, Capt Bill Adams and Capt Joe Beseda. With his back to us is Harman.

    I will update the long newsreel thread with this latest info.
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