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John M.Bentley

Discussion in '361st FG' started by Airwar, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    1/Lt. John Michael Bentley # P47D - 42-22756, 15 April 1944, 361 FG / 376 FS,MACR 3896

    Strafing mission to the Fitzlar area,Germany. The flight entered the overcast at 12.000ft and continued
    to climb up to 18.000ft,visibility was about 100yrd. At 13.10hrs at 22.000ft Lt.Bentley kept varying his altitude up and down at least four times. On the fourth time the tail of his P-47 crashed into the prop of Lt. Comstock's
    aircraft,shearing off the entire tail section near the supercharger. The aircraft then entered into a slow spin and Lt.Comstock called and said he would return to base. Lt. Bentley's P-47 crashed 2 km west of Kootwijk,Holland at 13.00hrs. POW Stalag Luft III. 2/Lt Comstock crashed on 25 July 1944 near St.Lo,France.POW.

    When John returned to the USA, he married Ollie. They had one daughter, Karen Bloomfield.
    Karen send me a lot of photos of her father and are in my book and archive. John passed away in 1985.

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