Italy, 16 Oct 1944, B-24J 42-51778 crash

Discussion in '2641st SG (P)/15th SG (P)' started by Enrico Barbina, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Hello Jaap,
    Solomon was from 456th BG; Brascher was from 464th BG; Goldie was in fact from 460th BG, maybe there's an omission in the roster.
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    Dear Enrico,
    i am the niece of Pilot Jerome Solomon of Solomon's Crew..the magnificent site you created. I would like to connect with you about my Uncle and your beautiful and poignant. Efforts to honor these men.
    I could not find any contact info for you.
    Please see my comments on your site. Also I can send you a photo of Jerome.I wish I could talk to any of his fellow crew members Thank you so much,Devorah Segall
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    Devorah, I send Enrico an email .

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    Thanl you Jaap. Thank you to all of you for all you have given.I am in awe
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    I can't find any emailadress on your website. When other family will respons at your website,they can't,
    I hope Devorah has more photos for you,

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