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I was surprised how much is available on Youtube from Japan.

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by PA.Dutchman, Sep 11, 2016.

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    I was surprised how much is available on Youtube from Japan. Recently I have discovered materials from Japan where some former POW Prison Guard is so guilt ridden they have documented and posted it on Youtube. There are even detailed documentaries by CHINA AND JAPAN about the Rape of Nanking and UNIT 731. This link will give you many of the videos and interviews by former POWs and the criminals who abused and murdered American and Allied POWs


    Here is some more, be careful it can be very graphic. I had a woman contact me about her Uncle who was in my fathers Squadron and went down on his last mission. I was able to put her in contact with a Historian from the 11 TH BGH. This man knew Lou Zamperini and was able to give information to the lady who wrote UNBROKEN. This man did know her Uncle none of us realized there were crew members who survived the downing of their B-24. WHAT SHE AND I NEVER KNEW AND SHE PRAYED HER FAMILY WASN'T TOLD WAS THE MEN WHO SURVIVED THE CRASH WHERE CANNIBALIZED BY THE JAPANESE ON THE ISLAND near where their plane went down. The Japanese had run out of supplies and they ate the crew of the B-24, the poor lady was shocked. My friend thought the family knew this, however she told me NO ONE EVER MENTIONED THIS TO THEM FROM THE GOVERNMENT. She hoped her parents died with out knowing.

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