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Discussion in 'Book Corner' started by Jay Stout, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Hello All,

    My name is Jay Stout. I'm a retired USMC flyer and an aviation writer. I'm currently starting a new book project on the 345th Bomb Group which flew B-25s in the Pacific.

    To that end, I'm looking to collect copies of memoirs, diaries, interviews, etc., from anyone who might be willing to share. And, although the chances are growing more remote every day, I'd like to do telephone interviews with any 345th veterans who are willing and able.

    Aside from this excellent site, I can also be reached at jayastout at usa dot net

    Thanks in advance!
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    Jay welcome to this forum. Enclosed two articles,


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    Welcome Jay,
    Very impressive library of publications from your hand (not an advertisement, simply a reference). Sadly as you can see activity in the AAF 345BG forum is nil presently. As you suggest time is of the essence with veterans nearly gone. Hope you have had successful contact directly with the group to or via their FB page

    Wish you well with your 345BG research, look forward to your book. Good hunting!
  5. Jay Stout

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    Thanks Jaap! I especially like the quotes from the 1966 article.
  6. Jay Stout

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    Thanks Scott. Yes, the book writing keeps me off the street. And I'm less bothersome to Mrs. Stout when I've got a new project going. Actually, I thought that my last book was going to be the last that I'd be able to get meaningful material from living veterans. But, I've been able to get some very useful information from the dozen or so 345th vets that I've talked with so far. And yes, good call, I've been in touch with the 345th's organization. They are still going strong with the group's legacy and have been very helpful in making sure I get my net spread far and wide.
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  7. Jay ,
    Read your Books. They are Well Done and I am looking forward to reading more.
    Just a FYI - I have a set of small candid Photos taken at the WW II Surrender of
    Korea. 5 of them include the 345th B-25s that escorted the Mission , 2 of the
    Jungle Skippers C - 47 , and 4 of the Surrender.
    If interested , send me a PM.
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  8. Jay Stout

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    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I would certainly be interested in the 345th photos. I'll shoot you a note.


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