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    I am trying to compile a list of aircraft that took part on individual missions. I have come across what appears to be an error in the listings given on the official 303bg website for individual aircraft.

    On the 24th July 1943 mission to Heroya I have 2 aircraft listed with the Code PU-G of the 360BS. They are 42-2973 and 42-5393.

    On the 25th July 1943 mission to Hamburg I have 2 aircraft with the Code BN-P of the 359BS. They are 41-24565 and 42-29846.

    I doubt a squadron flew 2 aircraft with the same codes on the same mission or indeed had 2 aircraft with the same codes on strength at the same time.

    Anybody know which are correct and what the others should be?


  2. Lucky Partners

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    Member Mutley has written extensively recently about problems with errors in a/c identification.

    Looking just at 42-2973, the digital version of Osborne's Fort Log shows the code for this a/c as PU-G as you indicated. However, the original hard copy B-17 Flying Fortress Story by Freeman and Osborne shows this a/c as PU-K. Essentially the same source giving conflicting information. Both versions show PU-G for 42-5393. Which source are you using?

    EDIT: Both sources show BN-P for the other two a/c., so additional research is needed.

    EDIT AGAIN: Going all the way back to Paul Andrews Bits and Pieces he also shows BN-P for 41-24565 and 42-29846. Also PU-K for 42-2973 and PU-G for 42-5393.

    Several of these a/c were subsequently lost, perhaps a check of the MACRs might shed some light on this.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I have seen and used the Osborne Fort Log. I am using information from the website to compile my lists and making reference to the Fort log when needed. I am sure other anomalies will crop up from time to time. It would be nice to see the original mission documents, though even those may be prone to errors as I have found when researching other Groups.
  4. terveurn

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    42-2973 come up as aircraft K

    42-2973 bb.JPG
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  5. terveurn

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    42-5393 is aircraft G

    42-5393 bb.JPG
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  6. Lucky Partners

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    "42-2973 come up as aircraft K"

    Good find Dave. Not a lot there but just enough to see that it definately is not a G! And the bottom of a K is the only letter that would look like that.
  7. terveurn

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    MACR for 42-29846 shows letter P
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  8. terveurn

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    I have nothing to confirm Id for 41-24565
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  9. LWITTS1964

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    Thanks guys much appreciated. Just 41-24565 to find.

  10. Lucky Partners

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    Well at least with the Fort Log you can go in and edit to correct the mistake on your copy.
  11. terveurn

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    Or you can spend many, many years creating your own Fortress log......

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