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Discussion in 'Heavy & Very Heavy Bombers' started by Gico, May 15, 2017.

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    Thank you guys for your help, I didn't expect to find so many informations.

    I'm going to interview the few people (still alive) who were there when Rage in Heaven crashed.
    At the end I want to write a report based on their stories.

    In the meanwhile, any further help will be appreciated.

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    Related to Jaap's post #14, F/O Charles W Ibey POW Murder. Claim from F-A-G bio:
    Charles, dressed in civilian clothes, was captured by a local fascist group in the village of Miane, Italy. He was then interrogated by a Lt. Zarotti and refused to give any information. Charles was then "Executed" by the command of Lt. Zarotti during the war.

    Presently not finding corroboration or source of this execution claim. Searching for a war crimes trial involving an Italian Lt. Zarotti has also found no results. Also unclear to me F/O Ibey was captured out of uniform which might disqualify him as a POW under the Geneva Convention rules. Maybe a POW expert, or others with this knowledge can comment on this out of uniform topic.

    Edit update have sent an email to Russ Pickett requesting source of POW execution account.
    Edit update 2: Russ Pickett request terminated, this execution account is in MACR 10938, pages attached.

    For those with fold3 access the 47 page MACR 10938 for B-24J-195-CO-44-41066 starts here

    Overview crash location SantandrĂ  to claimed execution town of Miane, 15 miles/23.5 km northwest.
    SantandrĂ , B-24J # 44-41066 crash town location.jpg

    Charles W Ibey original NARA enlistment record ASN: 11127875

    Headstone Application 1948
    FO Charles W Ibey Headstone App. 1948.jpg

    New Hampshire, Death and Disinterment Record
    FO Charles W Ibey, New Hampshire, Death and Disinterment Record.jpg

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