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Harry Tanzer -- 467th BG (H) Rackheath / B-24 Radio Operator

Discussion in '467th BG - Rackheath' started by Big Chudy, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member

    Happy Birthday, Harry!
    11.10.2015 - Today is Harry Tanzer's 91st birthday.



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  2. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member

    Happy Birthday, Harry!
    11.10.2016 - The other day was Harry Tanzer's 92nd birthday.

    He's still going strong.
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  3. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    article 467th BG

    Attached Files:

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  4. Boy, I'd love to meet him, hear his stories. I met a bombadier on a viewing of a B-29 that came here about 5 years ago, and the gentleman was full of stories, and history. Now I wish I had written his name down just for the nostalgia of meeting him.
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  5. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member


    That was nice news article.
    Thanks for posting it.

  6. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member

    Hey Terri,

    I know what you mean about not getting a name or contact information of a WWII vet.

    I met a gentleman & his wife in the parking lot of a supermarket.
    They were about to get into their car and leave.
    I noticed he was wearing a bomber jacket.
    I got out of my truck and asked him if he was a WWII vet because I noticed his bomber jacket.

    He stood a little taller and said he was a navigator on a B-24 with the 454th BG.
    His wife said to me with a smile, "Oh no, now you've done it. We'll be here all morning."
    We spoke for a few minutes, and he said he had to get his wife to the doctors and it was nice meeting me.
    I thanked him for his service and they left.

    What really got me, was that, he had made his own bomber jacket bomb mission markings out of cardboard and pinned over his left breast pocket.
    It was awesome, and like I said before, I could see he stood a little taller.
    Very proud man.

    I have always regretted not getting the gentleman's name or contact information.
    Since then, I make it a habit to get their name and other information they are willing to share.

  7. Andrew,
    Cool story, I will definitely do that moving forward. Can't be too many left.

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