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    T/Sgt. Arthur L.Hartman,KIA 28 July 1944,reason unknown.
    Buried in the US Cemetery La Cambe near Isigny Plot AE-5-97.Reinterred in Normandy Cemetery.
    362 FG/ 379 FS
    Probably Dave knows more.

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    He was killed by a shell while working on a P-47.

    "Although the fighting gradually moved away from the field, shelling remained a problem. The Germans dropped a few token shells in when the P-47s were taking off and again when they returned from missions. On July 27, T/Sgt. Arthur Hartmann was killed when the P-47 he was working on was hit by a shell; PFC John Goodall, a medic with the 377th, was also killed by shellfire."
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    Thank you Rolland.


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