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    B-17G # 42-31183, VK*Y '' Bad Penny '' 303rd BG / 358th BS, August 15th 1944. MACR 8170
    Aircraft crashed near Matzen,Germany.

    2/Lt. Arthur L. Goss P
    2/Lt. Harry J. Cook Jr. CP
    2/Lt. Lester E. Reuss N
    2/Lt. Malcolm M. Fouts B
    Sgt. Floyd A. Spraque E
    Sgt. Patsy Rocco R
    Sgt. James A. Earon BTG
    Sgt. Roy M. Stevens WG
    Sgt. Norman A. Bunney TG

    Reviews War Crime trials Dachau is proof that both airmen landed safely. Case 12-1852 ; Sgt. Rocco was shot when trying to escape at Idesheim,on the Trier-Bitburg highway. The accused German was acquitted.
    Case 12-2422 ; Lt. Reuss was captured by four German civilians and was brutally beaten and shot near Preist,Germany. The four Germans were sentenced to death by hanging,one sentence was revised later to life in prison.
    Lt. Reuss was buried in Preist Cemetery. Both are reinterred in the Luxembourgh US Cemetery.


    Killing Lt. Reuss
    Killing Sgt Rocco ;


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    Thank you, Jaap. A well documented "Fliegermorde - Aviator murder" post.

    56 page MACR 8170 https://www.fold3.com/image/28704247 for those with fold3 access.

    2nd Lt Arthur L. Goss Crew
    Source http://www.303rdbg.com/358goss.html
    (crew assigned 358BS: 25 July 1944 - photo: July 1944)

    (Back L-R) 2Lt Malcolm M. Fouts (B-POW), 2Lt Lester E. Reuss (N-KIA)(1),
    2Lt Harry J. Cook, Jr. (CP-POW), 2Lt Arthur L. Goss (P-POW)(2)

    (Front L-R) Sgt Roy M. Stevens (WG-POW), Sgt James A. Earon (BT-POW)(3),
    Sgt Patsy Rocco (R-POW/KIA)(4), Sgt Floyd Sprague (E-POW),
    Sgt Norman A. Bunney (TG-POW)(6), Cpl Luther M. Mettauer (WG)(5)

    B-17G-5-BO-42-31183 AAM http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/5253

    303BG-42-31183 'Bad Penny'.jpg
    Source http://www.303rdbg.com/ground-nose.html search Bad Penny. A rather common name used in variation with at least a dozen other Forts listed by Dave Osborne.
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    Any chance to get a copy of the Yank Magazine?
    They might have reported more cases.
    Its very difficult to get the Stars and stripes in this early years in Germany too.
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    two articles

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    Thank you Jaap.
    Its good to get the infos what is inside before buying or ordering one.

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