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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by Airwar, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Airwar

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  2. Airwar

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  3. Lucky Partners

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    Very interesting Jaap. Thanks for posting.

    Notice early in the first link the name James Vinall, hasn't that name come up here before? This is a very extensive list, is this what Susanne is working on? The more I read of this first link the more questions I have.
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  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Probably Susanne will be a member of this forum and will ask ''pollux5'' if he want to share his information with us ?
  5. BMBazooka

    BMBazooka Well-Known Member

    I am sorry I am not member of that forum.
    As for the list I had worked on for the exhibition in Dresden: they are not sure whether they take it or not because the data base is so different.
    Nothing to discuss in an open forum but I'll go on with the collecting.
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  6. Airwar

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    Borkum massacre

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  7. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Borkum Island, 4 August 1944
    2nd Lt Walthall's Crew http://www.486th.org/BS832/Walthall.htm
    LT Walthall's Crew, 43-37909, MACR 7711.jpg
    Standing L-R: Quentin F. Ingerson (N), Harvey M. Walthall (P), William J. Myers (CP), Howard S. Graham (B).
    Front (L to R): Kazmer Rachak (FE), J. Hesner (WG), Kenneth Faber (RO), James W. Danno (BG), William W. Lambertus (TG), William F. Dold (WG). [Murdered]
    Photo courtesy of Quentin Ingerson.

    B-17G-75-BO-43-37909 http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/11915
    Delivered Cheyenne 3/6/44; Kearney 16/6/44; Grenier 30/6/44; Assigned 832BS/486BG [3R-B] Sudbury 3/7/44; {3m} Missing in Action Hamburg 4/8/44 with Harvey Walthall, Co-pilot: Bill Myers, Bombardier: Howard Graham, Radio Operator: Ken Faber, Ball turret gunner: Jim Danno, Waist gunner: Bill Dold,Tail gunner: Bill Lambertus (all seven shot by Pvt Erich Langer, whose relatives had been killed in other US raids on Hamburg, the incident designated as murder); Navigator: Quentin Ingerson, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Kazmer Rechak (2 Prisoner of War); flak & mid air coll with 43-38145, force landed Nordstrand, Borkum, near Rotenburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 7711.

    Report 7711 (56 pages) https://www.fold3.com/image/29432772 for those with fold3 access

    Borkum Island war crimes trial photos https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Borkum_Island_war_crimes_trial

    Event location: Borkum Island, 4 August 1944
    Borkum Island 4 August 1944.jpg
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  8. Airwar

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