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Fliegermorde 390th BG

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by Airwar, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    B-17G # 42-97863 '' Shack Rat '', BI*S, 390th BG/ 568th BS. July 29th 1944. MACR 7821

    1/Lt. Charles A. Norby - Pilot

    Case 12-1911,War Crimes Trials Dachau,proves that Lt. Norby was shot by an auxilary policeman
    when taken by car from Buttstadt to Weimar. The accused got life imprisonment.


  2. Sonofshackrat

    Sonofshackrat New Member

    My father, 2/Lt. Robert T. Hanrahan, was the navigator on this plane. None of the crew knew exactly what happened to Lt. Norby; all they knew was that he was KIA and the alleged wreckage site (Bad Bibra).

    This is not a complete suprise, but it is shocking nonetheless. I will relay this information of the one surviving crew member.

    Thank you so much for posting this.
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  3. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the AAF forum Sonofshackrat.

    Case No. 12-1911 (US vs. Hermann Brueckner et al) Tried 12 Mar. 47 [Edit]: http://www.online.uni-marburg.de/icwc/dachau/000-012-1911.pdf

    78 page MACR 7821 available on fold3 for those with access starting here https://www.fold3.com/image/29440154

    Your fathers NARA, POW record https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record...obert+T.+Hanrahan&bc=sl&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=72374

    Findagrave Memorial https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=87249910

    1st Lt Charles A Norby Crew
    1st Lt Charles A Norby Crew.png
    Source https://www.390th.org/browse-the-library/

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  4. Sonofshackrat

    Sonofshackrat New Member

    Yes, thanks so much--I meant to post the link to the JVL myself but in my current state of mind forgot to do so.
  5. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Bill,welcome to this forum. Next week I shall look for more information.
    Scott gives it a start,

    regards Jaap
  6. BMBazooka

    BMBazooka Well-Known Member

    May I suggest to use this pdf.?
    The Jewish Virtual library often has technical problems in showing the correct pdf. I do not know where the reason for that is.
    There was another incident in March 1945, 3 or 4 RAF air men were killed. This leads to the question if there was a liquidation squad organized by the Party, SS, Gestapo or other Nazi organizations. Since the second incident was - if - brought before trial it happened in the british occupation zone. Unfortunately these british cases are not online (which helps so much!).
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  7. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Susanne,
    I have edited my post #3 to use your Dachau trial link.
  8. Sonofshackrat

    Sonofshackrat New Member

    Thanks to all!

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