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    Story of the 352nd " Blue Nosed Bastards " in World War II.

    Great read.

    I just finished the book and its made me melancholy, because I really enjoyed the men I met in the book. Almost all of them are no longer with us. And I'm also sad the book is over, there's something about reading that last page and realizing there's no more.

    We've all known that generation was special, but this book highlights how special they were.

    The detail of the dogfights was great, I learned a lot . I never knew there was such a thing as Lufbery Circle and now I know what a Split-S is about. I have more respect for the P-47 now, but realize even more the P-51 was the game changer.

    Stout says the pilots weren't fond of the bomber escort missions, they were boring, but I wish you could've seen my Dad's eyes light up when he talked about the P-51 and how.... " it could go all the way to the target with us " . Dad loved those guys.

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    lufbery circle

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