February 25th, 1944

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  1. Alex Smart

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    Am trying to trace the crews of the following a/c .
    42-52167 ....MACR 3589.
    42-52168 ....MACR 3693.
    41-29244 ....MACR 3709.
    and this oddity also.
    42-77?? .... MACR 3894.
    MACR 3894 is not for a B24 but a P38, 42-68148. So what is this B24's full serial number and true MACR ?
    None of the above could I find in Fold3.
    Have looked on the 451st Web site, but names are not linked to a/c as far as I could see.
    Many thanks for any info.
  2. Airwar

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  3. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello, Jaap,
    Thanks, but I have these and they do not give crew names.
    But unless The actual Reports are available, they may have the names ?
    Otherwise the actual MACR's.
  4. Airwar

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  5. Milos

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    41-29244 ....MACR 3709.
    They have crashed near Logatec in Slovenia.
    5 crew KIA, 5 PoW.
    MACR is not available on Fold3.

    - 42-77?? .... MACR 3894.
    42-7738, MACR 3284 Crashed near Udine, Italy.
    42-7746, MACR 3297, Slovenia (450bg)
    42-7765, MACR 3173, Slovenia

    I have also plane from 451bg, 725sq, that crashed near Italy-Slovenia border.
    Stricker, Boornazian, McPherson and Adams evaded.
    There is no MACR on Fold3, so I don't know serial.
  6. Airwar

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  7. Airwar

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  8. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Yes I think that 41-29244 is the a/c I seek.
    Milos, do you have the 10 crew names ?
    Anyone have names of her crew ?
    MACR not in Fold3.
  9. Milos

    Milos Member

    There is a book in Slovenian about this crash, as well as memorial in Logatec.
    Here is short article with list of airmen

    Pilot - podporočnik Edwin H. (Heine) Pries; 0-745173 +
    Kopilot – podporočnik Frank R. Gerrity; 0-811363 PoW
    Navigator – podporočnik James W. Cottrell; 0-689726 PoW
    Bombardir – podporočnik George A. Evens; 0-688948 PoW
    Strelec zgornje kupole - narednik Harold Koslow; 11090076 PoW
    Strelec spodnje kupole – narednik Steve Varga; 15333985 +
    Strelec v trupu letala desno – narednik Joseph J. McCord; 15382924 +
    Strelec v trupu letala levo – narednik Salvatore P. Scafidi; 11091044 +
    Strelec v nosu letala – narednik Don T. Abernathy; 14158859 PoW
    Strelec v repu letala – narednik Thaddeus S. Tokarski; 33477925. +
  10. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Thank You Milos,

    Great event recorded in the link, thank you.

    However sadly for me it is not the crew I seek.
    I checked MACR 2617 - 41-29194, " Shack ? Wolf ?", also not the crew I seek.The MACR also refers to this a/c as belonging to the 449BG ?
    The MACR 3894 turns out to be for a P-38, 42-68148 not the B24, 42-77??.
    I expect that 42-77?? Is in fact 42-7765, MACR3173. Also not the one I seek.

    That leaves just these two -
    MACR 3589 - 42-52167 " Wee Willie".
    MACR 3693 - 42-52168 - " Citadel".
    Anyone know the crews ?

    Again many thanks for you time and help
  11. RSwank

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    Alex, some sources:
    http://biblioteka.mycity-military.com/biblioteka/padobranac75/Bombardovanja II sv. rat/Razni PDF PPS/0764324233.Schiffer Military History B 24 Liberators of the 15th AF 49th BW.pdf

    say that

    Wee Willie was flown by Richard F Kimmel. (5 crew killed)

    Citadel was flown by Nicholas Zender. (4 of the crew escaped).

    (Zender probably this man: http://www.willwerscheid.com/obituaries-2/157-nicholas-j-zender)

    MACRs don't seem to be on fold3, but did you check to see if they might be on aviationarchaeology.com.
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  12. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello Roland,
    Thanks for the links,the book serial references are the same as in the Mike Hill, Schiffer book that I have.
    Have looked in Craig's AAIR site and they are in the lists, so perhaps I could get copies from him, at a price, but that's why I paid for Fold3 :(

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