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Famous Gas Station B-17 on TV Tonite

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by Shoo Shoo Baby, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. The story of the B-17 and the Family that owns it is on the Show
    " Strange Inheritance " , Fox Business Network , this evening.
    Should be Interesting.
  2. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike, nice to see you, been a while.

    Is this the one you are referring to? It's up your way if I remember correctly. Understand it got pretty well picked over by visitors who turned into vandals.

  3. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

  5. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Vandals like the Arizona Wing of the CAF who got the working upper turret, ball turret and a whole bunch of fittings for Sentimental Journey

    Vandals like the Air Force Museum who also "borrowed" parts for Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby

    or the midnight scavengers.....

  6. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    I was referring to the midnight type. Doubt the CAF went in under cover of darkness with a crowbar. More likely they brought their checkbook.

    For some reason Mike's reply didn't show up properly so here it is.

    "Hal ,
    My Mom's parents lived less than a Mile from The Gas Station. I used to ride my Bike down and go in it a lot. Vandals would go in and pry anything loose they could - most instruments and gauges were ripped out and anything else they could pry loose. It was a Mess! I have known the owners, Punky and Her Son for many Years. I have a PDI and a Gunsight for the Top Turret that I will donate if needed.
    Happy Cinco De Mayo,
    Mike "

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