Everett Anthony (97BG/414BS) and John Wilson (97BG/???BS)

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    Mike I posted his obit on my prior post after you responded. I am pretty sure he is the same guy.
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    Here is a squadron patch for your information.

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    I confirm that Antony Everett (EMI) and John Wilson were shot down over Udine, Italy, on March 18, 1944.
    The aircraft : B17F 42 30462 97th BG 414th BS ( Loving's crew) and the MACR 3521 .
    My father was eyewitnes of this. The complete crew bailed out and plane, hit, break in three parts, and crashed down over the town, the engine fell into a house. The crew was captured and they were held in different European Compound. In the old forum on Armyairforces.com in the last 2012 and since the 2015, I wrote about these operation (Villaorba and Udine bombing 18/03/1944) and (info about B17F 42 30462 crashed 18/03/1944 Udine). But on the new site, I don't Know were filled now the old forum.
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