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Evaded airmen listed as PoW

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by Milos, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Milos

    Milos Member


    I have found that several dozen men who were rescued from Yugoslavia were listed as PoW.
    They are all listed in Zemun transit camp.

    Here is list of PoW from that camp, only some 160 names.

    This camp was transit camp for allied airmen. I have found several statements of airmen who went through it.

    For instance, 9 of the 10 men on the first page were rescued by chetniks, and I have 7 of the Escape statements.
    No doubt they were evaders, never in hands of enemy.

    Majority of them were rescue by chetniks, and some by partisans.
    It is strange since some members of crew were listed in it, and others who were with them all the time were not.
    It is also confusing since report dates also make no sense. Sometimes they are correct for missing date, rarely for MIA and RTD date.

    I have no idea why did it happen.
    Since it is not so rare case, maybe it was not just a mistake.

    I guess that maybe airmen themselves applied for some reason.
    My friend Jerry suggested that they might applied for some medical aid during evasion, and administration just pinned them on nearest PoW camp.

    I plan to go through entire list, and to see exactly how many cases were such, and to check Escape statements and MACR.
    Before that, some help would be useful, like in case of medical aid, to search for injuries.
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