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Escape & Evasion reports on DVD

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War, MIA, & Internees' started by Airwar, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  2. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    If I am right, then this come on it what is available National Archives: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305270 I revised it already earlier but in this only the 8th AAF reports there are.
    Maybe there is such a collection 15th AAF Escape and Evasion Reports archived on DVD-ROM?
  3. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    I would like to find the E&E reports for all the combat theatres -- From what I understand on the 15th AF, the E&E reports are politically sensitive -- the United States after WWII backed a devoted communist and somebody that was willing to turn over to the Germans allied escapee's and not the person who was very helpful to the downed airmen.
  4. mcoffee

    mcoffee Member

    Both the Partisans and the Chetniks were fighting the Germans - as well as each other - and both groups returned downed Allied airmen, so I'm not sure where that is coming from. I have 86 449th airmen returned via Partisans and 42 returned via Chetniks.
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  5. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    The entry #1 above, leads to an interesting site, with one report that I find VERY interesting indeed.
    E and E # 759 apparently covers the loss of the P-38 aircraft, ASN 43-28431, coded MC*O, of 79FS, 20FG, 8th AF, which was Piloted by Capt. Jack M. Ilfrey. An article on the site states that the aircraft was lost on the 12th June 1944, near Angers, France, but I find this listed as the 13th June, in Stan Bishop's "Losses of the 8th and 9th AF", from where I have added some further details, as shown above.
    The small date detail in some ways is not that important, but it makes the story even more remarkable, as the story relates to him returning to Allied lines near Tilly, St Pierre and Fontenay. There in lies a VERY interesting problem. He was supposed to have been sheltered for two weeks by a French family, BEFORE he left from the Angers area, over 100 miles to the South, thus putting his departure on or about the 26-27th June. The area he supposedly went through was being hard fought over by both the Allies (mainly British) and the Germans, from those dates until the first week of July!! He had somehow got between the lines of some of the fierce battles involving the 1st and 2nd SS Panzer Divisions and the Panzer Lehr Divisions; against various British Tank and Infantry Units. My interest is spiked by the fact that my father fought in some of those battles, and I am now a B-26 Marauder historian, working on putting details of all of the B-26 Marauder operations, including those around this area, together!
    It just goes to show what a small world it can be, sometimes! And putting some small details together, can make the whole story seem so much more connected!
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  6. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  7. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member


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  8. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    This contradicts the fact that it can be searched on-line NARA, Correspondence and Related Records Pertaining to East-European Helpers, 1945 - 1946 Moreover,these documents contain names whom I have not found AAF crews Missing Air Crew Reports.
    For example: 08/??/1944: John R. Bender (Philadelphia) and George Kirchoffer (St. Louis); 07/02/1944 Earl M. Kessler (O-715018); ??/??/1944 S/Sgt Frank Kinne
  9. Milos

    Milos Member

    Reports from 15th AAF are scattered across on some 40 rolls/dvds in Maxwell/AFHRA.
    Some of them can be also found on MIS-X reports.

    I have majority of them (some 20 rolls, with material from additional 10, containing more than 85% of escape statements).
    Single reel on dvd is 30usd at AFHRA which is not too much since there are houndreds of them sometimes, but on some rolls (like from fighter groups) are only few Escape statements.

    I am interested in trade of this material (I have traded material with some forum members already).
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  10. Milos

    Milos Member

    In History of MAAF is listed that 2000 airmen were rescued from Yugoslavia with help of Partisans and 350 with help of chetniks.
    I have found in research through E&E that actually numbers were some 10% higher.

    Regarding 449bg, I have slightly different numbers.
    I will send you my list, maybe we missed something.
  11. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    Thanks for the information! This is a very large amount of data. There may be a search system or database such as MIS-X reports? (pilot names? A/C?)
  12. Parker

    Parker Member

  13. Milos

    Milos Member

    I made a list of all airmen that fell in Yugoslavia.

    There is also a list of evaders from 15AAF archive (from several rolls).
    But it is not complete, on 2/3 of E&E are in it.

    Other data are in archives of different groups, and they overlap sometimes.
    That is why they are scattered across so many reels.
    For them I don't have list.

    If you need some specific name from particular group, I can easily check if I have it and where it could be.


    MIS/X reports are from different source than above listed, for 15AAF they were made back in US.
    There is few of them, but with lot of data.
    I don't have list, but they have printed index every 10 reports.
  14. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

  15. Milos

    Milos Member

    There is no data on Raleigh in 15 AAF E&E Rolls, but they can be in archive of some 15 BGs that flew B-24.

    Regarding MACRs, they were not made in case when crew came back in less then 3 days (sometimes more in case base was informed). I have found some 30 such cases in Yugoslavia, I have not checked other countries.

    Lot of planes landed in Soviet occupied Hungary. I have seen lot of statements where they landed in Pecs, and in most cases those planes were left and were subsequently taken by Soviets. I didn't know that there were allied repair base in Kecskemet. I have not seen case where they landed there.
    There is possibility that Kecskemet was treated like allied airbase, similar to Poltava or Vis island in Adriatic, and those planes were not listed as missing, so there was no MACRs or E&E.

    We can also check if his E&E is in some Bomb group archive. Maybe you could find through rosters in which Bomb group he served? That could narrow search significantly.
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  16. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    According to a list published in the Russian newspaper, (МИР АВИАЦИИ - 2001 Альманах) several injured American bombers have landed in Kecskemét. Lt. Raleigh the story is surely true.
    The previous day Feb. 21. 1945 . A/C 44-48993 (MACR #12475) emergency landing Kecskemet. Escape Statement are also confirmed by the location, and mentions it: In the office of the commanding officer was a Russian captain who later told Lt. Marshall that he was a citizen of the United States who had been drafted by theRussian Army because he was in Russia at the time of the outbreak of the war. This captain did everything possible for the crew. The crew was quartered in permanent buildings with fair accommodations and food.
    (Source: http://www.461st.org/Crews/765th Crews/PDFs/Escape Statement 11-3-45.pdf)

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  17. Milos

    Milos Member

    I don't doubt in this story, I am just saying there is possibility that there is no Escape Statement.

    Regarding list in Russian magazine, I have already seen it. Planes listed as landed in Sombor mainly landed in Pecs.
    Plane 44-48964 crashed in 1945. in Slovenia, so if it landed in Kecskemet it was repaired.
  18. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    Thank you again for looking at it, I hope I can return your help. A/C 44-48964 probably a mistake because (misprint) it next in line A/C 44-48993 emergency landing Kecskemet.

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