Ernest David Fahlberg

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    1st Lt Ernest D Fahlberg, O-812071, 346FS, 350FG, XXII TAC (12AF), Joe Baugher P-47D-28-RE-44-20106: January 12, 1945 346th Fighter Squadron 350th Fighter Group 12th Air Force Shot Down By 20mm Anti-Aircraft Fire Between Vizzala and Gallarte Italy While on a Bombing Mission on The Railroad in The Brenner Pass Italy. Made Wheels Up Belly Landing 5 Miles Northeast of Vigevano Italy. MACR 11280. Pilot Survived.and Was Rescued By Partisans.

    Also see alternative downing reason link broken Squadron mission #138 Cat I damage from Locomotive engine boiler explosion. Plane coded 6C5

    1st Lt Ernest D Fahlberg original NARA enlistment record 18 May 1942, ASN: 16089108

    The 10 page MACR 11280 starts here on fold3 for those with access.
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