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Duty Abbreviation Question

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by peterDuck, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. peterDuck

    peterDuck Member

    Hopefully this is an easy one....

    Look at the attached document. In the first crew column there are abbreviations for the person position. For example

    P - Pilot
    CP - Co Pilot
    so forth.....

    What at the definitions for (AG) and CG)? I know their "gunners". I'm drawing a blank regarding the first letters (A & C).

    Also, (while I'm at it) what are the 'Component' abbreviations 'AUS' and ORC'?


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  2. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    AUS is the Army of the United States, (draftees in WWII as opposed to RA Regular Army).
    ORC is Officer's Reserve Corps. (In the example page given a pilot, CoP and a bombardier are so designated.)
    AG is Aerial Gunner

    CG ??? Conditional Gunner? not having earned gunner's wings yet?
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  3. tonystro

    tonystro Member

    Per first part of your question; AG is Aerial Gunner and the unofficial CG is probably Crew or Contingent Gunner. Based on the MOS numbers those positions and different planes were filled by one 611 - Aerial Gunner, four 612 Airplane Armorer-Gunner, one 631 - Intelligence NCO, 748 - Aerial Engineer-Gunner.

    Arthur R. Garner, crew 118-1, MOS 2161 is Operations Officer at Group level, or higher.

    This Special Order is being issued by HQ, Herington, Kansas, a satellite field for 21st Bomb Wing at Topeka which was charged with the responsibility of the final processing of heavy bombardment crews and equipment just prior to their leaving for overseas assignments. Therefore, I suspect SO #47 is an overseas movement order, which would explain the many gunner positions being filled with other Specialists.
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  4. peterDuck

    peterDuck Member

    Thanks all....

    As a "wrap up":

    AG - Aerial Gunner
    CG - Crew Gunner
    (This is a tough one, however, I'm inclined to think it is 'Crew'. Most of the men assigned, had been and, were permanent crew members with these crews. There are a couple of instances where there are "...individuals who are not regular members to their respective crews...." as noted by a single asterisk. There were also some, as noted by a double asterisk on other pages, that were "...additional personnel..". This example is a part of a document that was regarding the movement overseas that began 12 Feb 44. The purpose of it was actually to account for all the personnel that were traveling by air in reference to rations and billeting while at Herington as the Group performed their final POM Inspections. - That all being said, I can still see an argument for 'Contingent')

    AUS - Army of the United States
    ORC - Officer's Reserve Corps (I can follow up with this since I'm in contact with "Bill" Dillon's daughters. I'll see if he was indeed a member of the reserve)

    PS. It appears there was some comment regarding B29's in a deleted post. RSwank (Rolland) is very much correct. The 467th BG exclusively flew B-24's (until their return from the ETO). They were redesginated 'Very Heavy' (VH) upon their return, however, never were assigned B29's (although "surprisingly" trained with B17's until the Group being inactivated)

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