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    I was wondering if anyone could provide help on the codes on this photo. The lettering the bottom reads as follows: (US-12-327)(23JUNE44)(F or E/6")(67 T/R GP)

    I think it means (U.S forces-12th Squadron- don't know what 327 means)(date of photo)(don't know)(67th Tactical Recon Group)

    Any idea what the 327 and F/6" mean? BARON 6:23:44.png
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    F/6" probably means Focal Length 6".

    Some examples of cameras: Focal lengths are 6 or 12 or 24 inches.

    327 may be the last 3 digits of the the serial number of the plane that took the photo. (Maybe an F-6 PR Mustang?).
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  3. Tmac1397

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    Good to know. Thank you!

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