Danish boy discovers Bf109 -- then loots the grave

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by terveurn, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. terveurn

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    This really piss's me off:

    School kid and his dad dig-up a Bf109 wreck, brag about going through the pilots pockets and taking his wallet and papers.


    Post over on a facebook Aviation Archaeology site that these people should be arrested and the people over there are like , well, they did discover a missing pilot.....

    I was always taught rule number one is do not disturb a war grave -- once they hit the aircraft engine, they should have stopped and called in the authorities -- but no, they kept digging and disturbed the grave. Then they rifled the pilots pockets for anything valuable.

    Too many idiots with no common sense on Facebook -- almost getting as bad a wikipedia.
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    A sad tale of idiot Danish grave robbers indeed, with authorities apparently just as ignorant. An unfortunate recovery method for this Luftwaffe pilot but at least he is found and may soon be going home.
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    Dear Gregg,

    Iam glad you are back at the forum,many Happy Landings

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    You will find this people also in Germany and Holland. Our AirWar StudyGroup works together with the
    Dutch Airforce and our members don't Dig, but only doing research. Most wreckage as known by the
    Dutch Airforce are marked as Fieldgrave and digging is forbidden.
  5. terveurn

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    I have no problem with recovering a crash site -- but I was always instructed to research, then dig, if you hit the engine, you are more then likely hitting an undisturbed site and you call in the authorities -- hell, in most countries, you need a license to dig at any potential site and the authorities like to have a presence.

    Left this facebook page -- too many ignorant children (including adults) that do not understand these rules.

    I am sure that if this farmer his an unexploded 2,000 Lbs bomb (and there are many in Europe) and it went off, his family would be trying to sue somebody.
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    Article how the Dutch Airforce recovered Allied & Axis aircraft.

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