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    Running across a bunch of aircraft - G-35 BO's that went to Dalhart AAF (333rd BG RTU) after Cheyenne.

    Not sure if this is a misprint / mistake on the router.

    What I am trying to decide if any B-17's were assigned at the OTU / RTU level and not at the Processing Centers (Kearney AAF).

    I know Kearney was the POM center in early 1944 (along with Hunter) and the POM process usually took 2-weeks.

    From the cards, it is clear that this B-17 (as well as the other like it) only spent 1-2 days at Kearney -- way too short for a real POM inspection.

    My first impression is that Dalhart AAF is a mistake (or an initial assignment not taken-up) as Dalhart was closing down the B-17 RTU / OTU and the 333rd was being retasked as a B-29 group. and that these aircraft were sent directly to Kearney and not to Dalhart.

    I also have no cards for B-17's being sent to Dalhart then POM at Hunter, All are Dalhart to Kearney.

    42-31989 dalhart.JPG

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