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    B-24J-150-CO-44-40166 "Irishman's Shanty" originally with 492nd BG, 857th BS. Aug 1944 transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS, renamed "Dirty Dago" for a week and then changed to "Monster". Returned to USA 1945. Baugher


    44-40166 on BBW with other names's+Shanty

    The O'Sullivan Crew 713.jpg
    The O'Sullivan Crew 713 with Col Snavely upon completion of their 30th mission.
    Back row, left to right...
    T/Sgt Nemesio Mena, radio operator;
    T/Sgt Gildo Gregory, engineer;
    Col Eugene H Snavely, 492nd BG commander;
    Sgt Gerald D Edwards, tail gunner; Ohio, YOB 1923, (no F-A-G page found) NARA enlistment
    2nd Lt Charles E Crowley, bombardier; (no “confirmed” F-A-G page found) Likely NARA enlistment
    Sgt Edward E Picard, right waist gunner; (Pennsylvania) (no F-A-G page found) NARA enlistment
    Sgt Emmitt J Coomer, nose gunner; (no F-A-G page or NARA enlistment record found)
    Front row, left to right...
    2nd Lt Thomas L Chaffee, navigator; (no F-A-G page found) “likely” NARA enlistment
    1st Lt David G O'Sullivan, pilot; (no F-A-G page or NARA enlistment record found)
    2nd Lt Peter H Leri, co-pilot; NARA enlistment
    Sgt John D McCarthy, left waist gunner; (no F-A-G page found) NARA enlistment

    Source (includes mission list)

    Original film trailer for CREW 713
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    There are many more images on their FB page

    It appears to me that this movie project has stalled related to further production. Rather sad, it would seem to fit right in with other Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) WW II documentaries. Unclear what the holdup is with this "Crew 713" production with PBS or other broadcast networks.

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