Clifford Eugene Barker

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    24 page MACR 2276 starts here for those with fold3 access.

    Sgt Clifford Eugene Barker, ASN: 35368934, NARA POW record, Stalag Luft 4

    Sgt Clifford E. Barker, see
    Sgt Clifford E. Barker.jpg

    Lt. Ronald R. Rohner, Crew, see
    Lt. Ronald R. Rohner, Crew.jpg
    Standing L to R: Ray Surowski, John Morreale, Homer Arbogast, Cliff Barker. Kenneth Dickerson, Lowel Reif.
    Kneeling L to R: Stanley Johnson, Emil Smetana, Ronald Rohner, Frank Leonard.
    Taken at Redmond Oregon in final days of training.
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