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    Darin & others,

    1st April 1944, Pfc. William E.Nietzel died non battle. No further information.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot D-4-1, before final reinterment in Long Island
    National Cemetery,Farmingdale,Long Island NY.

    2nd April 1944, T/Sgt. Magnus V.McHarque,killed in a fall downstairs.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot D-3-14 before final reinterment in Plot C-1-25

    8th April 1944, S/Sgt. John W.Kirby hit by a 20mm shell fragment on a mission.
    DOW in Station Hospital on return.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot D-4-4, before final reinterment in Plot A-2-15

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    I have the IDPF for William Nietzel (died of "respiratory paralysis") and for Magnus McHargue.
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    These are two that I do not have scanned, but I will get you the relevant pages of each.
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    Take your time Darin.


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