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    Might anyone have information about the Casey Jones project. I am looking for information about flight crews post WWII in Lechfeld. The reason I am asking is I believe my father belonged to one of the crews and I am trying to work on his military history. Thank you in advance. Brian A
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    sweet thank you
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    Reading through the interesting link AirWar gave on the Casey Jones Project above, it appears that of the two BG involved (the 305th and 306th) it was the 305th that was located at Lechfeld. This link:

    "may" be exactly was it says, i.e. officers only listed for the 305th based at Lechfeld in February 1946 but in the spirit of leaving no stone unturned perhaps it may be of interest.

    It would need to be ordered from AFHRA. We have posted instructions on how to get from the "Index" listing to the actual order site several times, such as here:
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    Ok thank you I will get into this a little later next week. Just FYI I have a ton of photos from the 305th in lechfeld. Time period is late 45 until may 47. Also looking into 413 AIR SERVICE GROUP. Location is also lechfeld

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