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Capt Everette L. MARCUM 64th FS

Discussion in '57th FG' started by Tim M., Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Tim M.

    Tim M. New Member

    I'm looking for informations Lt (then capt) Everette L MARCUM.
    He was a fighter pilot within the 64th FS.
    On the 57th FG site he is noted as KIA, but I know he survived the war (I've sent an email to the webmaster a few years ago but it has never be changed).
    I'm mainly interested by his time within the 64th FS.
    On the march 1944 report (page 4) shown on the 57th FG site, he appears as "former member of the 64th FS". So I understand he left the unit before march 1944.

    Any other information and picture of him wouldbe very welcomed.

    Here is what I've already found about him on the p47pilots.com site :
    "COLONEL EVERETTE LANCE "MARC" MARCUM was born January 24th, 1921 in Ranger, West Virginia. He attended Hamlin High School, Hamlin, W.Va., and Marshall College, Huntington, W.Va., prior to enlisting in the Army Air Corps, August 20, 1940. He became a rated pilot on Sept. 6, 1942 as a staff sergeant and was commissioned 2nd Lt. on August 1,1943.

    Marc flew nearly every military plane that sported a propeller from the pt-13 through the spitfire, plus being jet qualified in the F-86, F-84, and T-33. He was a Command Pilot with over 4,200 flying hours.

    His WWII combat flying (172 missions) was mostly in the P-40 and P-47 in the North African and Italian campaigns. He also was in the initial group to fly the Berlin Airlift. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, DFC, Air Medal (901c), French Croix de Guerre (Gold Palm), Netherlands order of Orange-Nassau with Swords and AFCM (2).

    Marc's Air Force career spanned a wide variety of assignments, such as: MAAG - Italy 1951-1954; Commander 1st Cadet Group, USAF Academy 1958.1961; Air Attache, U.S. Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands 1966-1969; Base Commander, Luke AFB, Arizona 1969.1971.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  3. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

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  4. Tim M.

    Tim M. New Member


    Thank you for the informations guys.

  5. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Tim, two more articles,


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  6. Corynn Gilbert

    Corynn Gilbert New Member

    Col. Marcum is my grandfather (passed away in May '73) but my dad can be reached at the following email address:
    He and my uncle have lots of his military history and would be happy to talk with you!
    Corynn Marcum Gilbert
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  7. oboyle

    oboyle New Member

    Hi Tim, I have removed the asterisk from Everett's name on the Personnel list. I cannot recall your email from a few years ago, I've done a search and I can't find it. The Personnel lists for the whole Group were given to me by Wayne Dodds, 66th FS, who is no longer with us. The fact there is even a complete Personnel list is something of a miracle. I've spent years putting the website together, and this is not the first typo on a pilot or enlisted mans name or status. I could not do this without your help, and I appreciate the correction. If I would of known, would of fixed it sooner, so I apologize for that.
    Mark O'Boyle webmaster 57thfightergroup.org and 47thbombgroup.org
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  8. Tim M.

    Tim M. New Member

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you very much for your message. No need to apologize at all, you're doing a fantastic work with the 57th FG website.
    I've been in touch with Col Marcum's family since my first message, thanks to the forum and Col Marcum's grand daughter, Corynn.
    I've written an article about Everette Marcum's wwii experience but it's not published yet.
    I've been very lucky to meet Col Marcum's son, Lance, when he came in France with his wife last october. A great experience.
    Thank you again for your work about the 57th FG.

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