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  1. alicand

    alicand New Member

    I found by searching on the crash of the B17 high ball (511BS 351BG) this box.
    anyone have any idea what this could be?
    thank you in advance

    Andre 2016-04-04 12-36-54.jpg boite.jpg
  2. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Can you take a photo of the the "top" of the smaller "cover" piece. I am having trouble trying to estimate the shape of the box when viewed from the top. Was it a circle and the box has been crushed, or was it rectangular or oblong? Is there a bottom to the box or is it missing? Just a WAG would be a pocket cigar holder for two or three cigars that has perhaps been cut off.
  3. Parker

    Parker Member

    Appears that your measuring stick is metric so item is fairly small. Can you tell what type of metal it is made from, aluminum, or something else? As you were able to remove the knurled top portion it is a slip fit, not a screw on. General appearance suggests that it was oval shaped but who knows how long. Tend to agree that it was probably a personal item, not a part of an aircraft.
  4. alicand

    alicand New Member

    Here is the photo taken from the top of the box.
    there is no bottom either below.

    the metal is aluminium, yes this article is very small 5 cm 131⁄32in (correct ?)
    I also think is a personal objet.
    also found many other parts of the aircraft but in a very poor condition following the explosion of the device.

    again thank you in advance. 2016-04-06 18-31-16.jpg
  5. Parker

    Parker Member

    Ah, with the view from the top it appears that the item is wrapped in leather or something like it. Yes, 5 cm would be just under 2 inches.
  6. alicand

    alicand New Member

    I also feel a personal item.
    can be like sugérer Rswang by a cigar-case?

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