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  1. glund

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    What are the best books out on the Death March out of Stalag Luft IV. My friends father endured it and I would like to give my friend the best documentation of it.
  2. j.peters140

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    Suggestion...Post this again under the Books Section ?

    Jim :)
  3. Glund -
    Book - The Last Escape By John Nichol
    Lot of Information and some Photos about the
    evacuation of Stalag Luft IV and the Death March.
    I have it - Go0d Book!
  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    S/Sgt Dutch Borcherding,93rd BG / 328th BS had walking the death march from Nurnberg to Moosburg.
    He send me the story about it. When you are interested I will scan his story and send it to you.

  5. Jim Synan

    Jim Synan New Member

    Shoe Leather Express by Joe O'Donnell
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  6. Mike Osbourne

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    My father, who was on this march out of Luft IV, always said that they thought the Germans intended to use the POW's as "bargaining chips" to obtain better terms at war's end.
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  7. seesul

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    Mike, does this book include also this picture?

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