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Discussion in 'Book Corner' started by skybear45, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    I promised some of you guys that I would let you know as soon as the next book
    in my Battle Colors series was completed....well its finally a done deal and in the
    capable hands of the folks at Schiffer Publishing.

    If everything goes on as in the past this volume, dealing with the Tenth, Fourteenth
    and Twentieth AF's in WWII, should be in Schiffer's 2016 summer catalog.

    Thanks for you patience.

    Battle Colors-Vol.VI.jpg
  2. P-51 LVR

    P-51 LVR New Member

    Outstanding. Thanks for sharing. I went to the publisher's site. I did not know about these books. I look forward to you new book. And appreciate all your hard work.
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  3. misterg97

    misterg97 New Member

    Will be watching the AF Museum gift shop Bob .... Jerry
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  4. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    Thanks for your interest in Battle Colors, and I would really like to hear back from you
    regarding your opinion once you've had an opportunity to peruse your copy.

  5. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    Hey Jerry,

    Good hearing from you. I gather you're still doing volunteer work at the museum. Good show.
    Drop me an eMail and let me know your thoughts on 'BC'-VI when it hits the shelved of the gift shop.
    I'd like hearing how this latest work stacke up against the other volumes in this series.

    Blue skies,

    P.S. How are you adapting to our "New Member' ratings ?
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  6. misterg97

    misterg97 New Member

    Will let you know ... However, I'm sure it will be another great piece of American History ..

    Still volunteering at the AF Museum ... some exciting times with the coming of the new 4th Gallery (Hanger). As of now, it's scheduled to open sometime this coming June. Just about all the aircraft to be moved has been moved except for possibly the Presidential aircraft which will be last. There are some videos on the Museum website showing moving the XB-70, C-141 "Hanoi Taxi" into the new building if you care to watch.

    I guess one of the first into the building was the Titan IV ... of course since it stands about 10 stories it will be displayed on the horizontal. I haven't seen the inside yet as they had a showing for the volunteers a while back but since it was at night, I decided not to go.

    As to the new Ratings, etc. ... I'm just tickled that Scott keeps it up. I haven't been on for a while but hope to get back to it ... We had a busy time doing embroidery, as well as mugs, etc. for some WWII Veteran organizations.

  7. Zoran Petek

    Zoran Petek New Member

    Congratulations! I hardly wait to see it!
  8. misterg97

    misterg97 New Member


    Was at the Museum this morning and checked the gift shop. Volume VI was not yet on the shelf.

  9. skybear45

    skybear45 Member


    Schiffer generally releases their new publications to 3-4 months of prior to the printing of their catalogues.
    This means that 'BC'-Vol. 6 should be available sometime between March & June.

    I generally get an advance copy just before the books hit the retail shelves. I'll keep you posted.
  10. misterg97

    misterg97 New Member


    Thanks. Will keep an eye out and let you know when it does arrive. We should have some big turnouts in June for the grand opening of the new building. Hopefully, it will be on the bookshelves by then.

  11. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Just found this reference to your new book.
    If you ever reproduce Volume III, on the Ninth Air Force, I have some corrections for you.

    The updated information is as shown in the Copyright 2008 edition that I have!
    Page 33 - Rivenhall is Station No. 168, not 128
    Page 97 - Additional Oversea's Stations were:- A-61 - Beauvais / Tille; and A-72 - Peronne; both in France: and Y-55 - Venlo, Holland.
    Page(s) 99 / 101 / 105 and 107 - You mention the 322nd / 323rd / 386th as having previously served with the 8th AF, but you use different wording for each of these. You then fail to mention that the 387th BG also served with the 8th AF, prior to their transfer to the newly reconstituted 9th AF; or the date that this occurred!!
    Page 107 - ALL 4 squadrons are shown incorrectly, twice!, with '4' as the first number, when this should be '5'. (EG. 556th not 456th!)
    Page 111 - Combat Operations are incorrectly shown as being 23-Mar-44 thru 8-May-45. They were in fact only until Mission 271 on the 20th April 1945.
    An interesting addition here may also be the Aircraft Names and Artworks! I can supply PROOF pictures for each of (4)334213 and (4)296210, showing Name / Artwork and Serial Numbers for each! I can also provide evidence that the Codes carried, also fit these aircraft details!
    Page 113 - Combat Operations are incorrectly shown as being May-44 thru 25-Apr-45. They were in fact 20th April 1944 to 20th April 1945. By coincidence they were officially formed on the 20th April 1943 and Hitler's Birthday was also on the 20th April (1889)
    You also show Profile's for (4)296176 and (4)296144. The first is correct as a Natural Metal finish aircraft, but the second is incorrect, as with this Serial Number it was also a Natural Metal finish aircraft. The first did have a name, but as this was on the opposite side of the aircraft, it would not have shown! the next problem is that (4)296144 was actually X2*C, and carried an artwork that would have shown also! The Codes shown were actually those for Aircraft Serial Number (4)429146, which also carried an artwork on this side! Over to you as to how you may want to change anything there! I have PROOF pictures and other evidence that supports ALL of the Name / Artwork / Serial Number and Codes for these!

    For information purposes I also include this content.
    Pages 5 and 94 show a cut down version of a formation of the 397th BG, with only U2*S (42-96169) and (4)296137, 9F*Y showing. This picture was actually taken on the 11th May 1944, the 397th BG's Mission #17, over Coggeshall, Essex, England, on their return to Rivenhall, which is about 1.5 miles in front of their position as shown. Just out of view, below, is the historic 'Grange Barn', which can usually be seen in the picture. The National Trust will shortly be in possession of a large canvas poster print of this full picture, for display at the barn, along with the full details of the mission, and all of the aircraft shown in the full picture.
    Pages 95 and 139 show 2 different pictures of 42-96142, X2*A, Dee-Feater, of the 596th BS, 397th BG. Both of these pictures are actually copyright of the RAF Museum at Hendon, and form a small part of the Charles E. Brown collection that they have. They have often been used by people without full authority, or referencing, as they are of such good colour (color!) quality. On large scale prints you can even see the individual muddy boot patterns on the wing top!! There is over 20 pictures taken by Charles Brown, who was a well known and respected English WW2 Aviation Photographer; of "Dee-Feater" and the photographic flight it took over the Essex and Suffolk border countryside, with him in a 'chase' plane. Unfortunately most are Black and White, not Color! Thorough research, by a friend back in England, has identified most, but unfortunately not all, of the backgrounds to these.

    Hope you can appreciate the updates, and enjoy the additional information

    Mutley. A former Essex (Marauder County!) Boy, in the USA
  12. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Looking back again at your Volume III, I guess that adding Name / Nose Art details may be a little tooooo much, as you do not seem to do this with any other profiles!? and where do you stop!? But taking a look at Volume IV, there is some that have been done!?
    Oh, Details, details!
    A good Hard Back, Color reference, for those that are interested, even if may be a little pricey!; and as a small step up on the "Support and Strike - A Concise History of the U. S. Ninth Air Force in Europe" By John F Hamlin, which is only a Soft Back, Black and White.
    I guess that Volume V may cover more B-26 Marauder's, as they played their part in the operations in the SWPA of Operations, with the 5th AF, which I guess would be cover there!? But maybe not, as I do not see the 5th AF logo on the cover!?

  13. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    Are you certain that you were looking at the right cover? Fifth AF emblem is third from the top on 'BC'-Vol.V cover.
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  14. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Hoping one of these volumes will deal with the training groups -- not much left for him to research except The Canal (6th), ZOI (1 thru 4), ATC and Ferry command.
  15. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    Funny you should mention this.

    Vol.VII is currently in the works with focus on those AAF combat units that earned credit for service in the ATO
    during WWII. I'm having something of a problem documenting the individual aircraft tactical markings connected
    with these groups/squadrons, with even my existing official USAF historical sources being unable to shed much
    light on this subject. There is ample information regarding the fuselage codes/colors relating to the Training Units,
    but very little has yet surfaced concerning the actual operational combat units.
    If anyone can point me in the direction towards a credible source relating to ATO tactical markings I'd very much
    appreciate hearing from you.

    Just for fum I'm attaching a preview of the working cover art for 'BC'-Vol.VII. The lack of aircraft profiles on this
    layout depicting tactical markings reflects my problem to date in verifying what scant information I have been able
    to glean on this topic.

    'BC-6' FrntCvr(Wrkng).jpg

    I truly wish that this forum covered ATO combat units. The AAF Forum was a terrific source of information and
    ideas over the years when I was researching my previous volumes in this series. I really miss the feedback from this group.

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  16. Tom22

    Tom22 New Member

    Gooday Bob,

    I think I can help you out with the Z.I. units.

    Shoot me a PM.

    All the best,

  17. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    I have pretty much figured out the ZOI B-17 training groups, so if you need feedback, drop me a line.

    ZOI Combat Crew Training B-17 Colors and Markings  1944-45.JPG
  18. skybear45

    skybear45 Member

    Hi Tom,

    I got a PM off to you but not sure if you got it. I still haven't gotten used
    to using this latest forum format
    Let me know if you received my message or not and we'll take it from there.

  19. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Received the e-mail -- just sitting back and watching the message board.
  20. Tom22

    Tom22 New Member

    Hi Bob,

    Got the PM.

    I assume you are looking for colorful ships. Let's face it most of the Z.I. ships were plane Jane (pun intended). But they were exceptions, mostly the "jump ships" used for gunnery training, some of the BT-13 and AT-6s with their red tails used for under the hood interment training and of course it seem every base that had P-40s had one ship that was painted with sharks teeth.

    Let me known what you think.

    All the best,

    Tom Michel

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