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    Thank you for sharing Cpl. Milton S Allen's Boeing Training Certificate, dated 22 October 1943 as I always find these types of documents/certificates most interesting. From your earlier comments it appears you have a good many of Pete's records. reviewing in total his documents are there others that indicate B-29 service selection in this late Oct 43 time frame? Or was this Boeing training actually geared to the B-17 and later Pete's mission changed moving him into the B-29 program? As you are likely aware the B-29 program did not exactly get off to a stupendous start during 1943 with extreme aircraft shortages even for early CBI 58BW, XX Bomber Command deployments, let a lone aircraft for State side training where often B-17's were used by crews as a stand-in until B-29's arrived.

    Always pleased to see more Marianas "art work". Here's another of "Coral Queen". Neither the Nazis nor the Japs had problems shooting holes in this flying art; all art critics I guess...
    A Square 8  'Coral Queen'  42-24615.jpg
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    If you are interested at all in the XXI Bomber Command, Tactical Mission Reports "Scribd" has them all. Generally they run about 20 to 25 MB each. I downloaded all of them, took me a full day. Scribd runs about 9 bucks a month, once you have what you want, close your account if you wish. Not a sales pitch, just a source of information. You may need to hunt around a bet at the link below to find the reports you want.

    https://www.scribd.com/search?page=1&content_type=documents&query=21st Bomber Command Tactical Mission Report
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    Scott, my uncle always said that he went to Seattle to see B-29 construction and learn its capabilities. He mentioned that when they started flying their first plane overseas, it developed engine problems and crashed in California. They then had to wait for another plane, which took several months. He did not make it to Saipan until December 1944, and was already on his way home when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Probably the coolest thing he gave me was his CFC manual for aiming all the guns at one fighter. Computer control way advanced for its day.
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    Coral Queen article

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