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B-29 Book

Discussion in '6th BG - Tinian' started by Shoo Shoo Baby, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Found this small old Book at the Library:
    Field Of Spears : The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew
    by Gregory Hadley
    ISBN # 978 -0- 9555582-1-4
    Published 2oo7 in Great Britain
    On the Evening of 7/19/45 The Capt. Gordon Jordon Crew , 24th Sq. ,
    flew a Mining Mission to the Port of Niigata City , Japan. After Mines
    Away , the Navigator made a critical mistake , taking them on a Course
    right Over the Middle of the City. They Got Hammered and the Crew was
    ordered to Bail. 7 Crewmen Survived , 4 were KIA.
    When the Crewmen came down , they were confronted by Civilians with
    The Survivors were badly Treated at Several Camps but made it Home.
    Possibly 1 or 2 of the KIAs may have been murdered but no one was
    ever charged.
    During their interrogations , several of the Crewmen , plus some others and
    2 Fighter Pilots were surprised by some Questions Specifically about the 509th
    and have they ever seen a B-29 with only one Bomb Bay ? , Modified Bomb
    Bay Doors ?, What is the Biggest Bomb a B-29 can carry ?
    The Japanese Knew Something was up.
    A Good Book worth reading.
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  2. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Mike, thanks for sharing.

    This Jordan crew of 44-70116 "Sharon Lynn" can be found here http://philcrowther.com/6thBG/6bgmemory.html#66
    The book referenced can be seen here http://www.amazon.com/Field-Spears-Last-Mission-Jordan/dp/0955558212

    This is the first I have read accounts of Japanese interrogations of POW's regarding the 509th CG aircraft modifications and weapons; most interesting. I'll direct Rick Feldmann 9th BG historian here to see if he has more information on these interrogations, and perhaps other instances. Also contacted David Wilson as directed by Rick Feldmann.

    Generally speaking this would have been a bad night to become a POW, not that this was ever good. The first 509th combat missions over the empire utilizing the 6300 lb. high explosive pumpkin ordnance were flown 20 July 1945 (daylight missions, utilizing visual and radar target identification methods). The 509th/393rd sortied nine Silverplate's that day to various Japanese targets as follows:
    44-27296 Toyama, 44-27298 Toyama, 4427299 Toyama, 44-27300 Fukushima, 44-27301 Tokyo, 44-27302 Otsu, 44-27303 Taira, 44-27304 Taira, 44-27354 Nagaoka, 44-27353 was scheduled but aborted, source Richard Campbell "The Silverplate Bombers...".

    By this point the 509th had introduced the deceptive tail markings for their aircraft with those of other Bomb Groups operating from the Marianas. Even though the 6th BG was also operating from Tinian, the 509th/393rd hardstands were within a high security area off limits to other bomb group personnel. As such, it is suspected these unfortunate "new" POW's had little to offer about the 509th or their planes and weapons.
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  3. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member


    Would you be so kind to add some source citing from this book by Gregory Hadley specifically regarding the content you described above i.e.
    "During their interrogations , several of the Crewmen , plus some others and
    2 Fighter Pilots were surprised by some Questions Specifically about the 509th
    and have they ever seen a B-29 with only one Bomb Bay ? , Modified Bomb
    Bay Doors ?, What is the Biggest Bomb a B-29 can carry ?"

    This 509th content is not discussed in any of the Amazon book reviews making Hadley's sources for this content of interest. In a reply from David Wilson, 6th BG he writes:
    "I have no information regarding the topic. I have not run across any information in the 6BG archives or microfilm. I am CCing Phil Crowther who is Co-Historian of the 6th BG Assn. and also Harry George, 6BG Historian Emeritus.
    Sorry I could not help, please let me know if you find any information.

    Phil Crowther and or Harry George may have further information, however given that David found nothing in the official 6BG archives these chances of further info may be slim.

    Thank you, Mike in advance for your help to recovering these Gregory Hadley cited sources for this 509th CG content.
  4. David -
    Chapter Nine : Page 115 , Leading Questions:
    " Recently discovered Historical Documents have suggested that the
    Japanese Military either knew or suspected that the United States
    was developing an Atomic Bomb , based on what they learned from
    German Intelligence and their own efforts to create such a weapon."
    In their Barracks on Tinian , The Jordan Crew's Navigator , Lt. Paul
    Trump , talked to a Lt. Wagner, a Navigator on 509th C-54s.
    Lt Wagner told Him , " We are going to Win the War with one Plane."
    When Lt. Trump asked How , Lt. Wagner would only say , " You just
    wait , we are going to win the War."
    Lt. Trump , Capt. Jordon , FE M/Sgt. George McGraw , a Robert
    Michelson from another Crew and other Crewmen un - named were
    interrogated more than once concerning the Questions listed above.
    These took place at The Kempei-Tai HQ in Tokyo.
    These were Statements made to the Author in Interviews and Affidavits.
    The Historical Documents are not Identified.
    Hope this Helps ,
  5. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Mike.

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