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    I am seeking the serial number of a 449th Bomb Squadron B-25J. Have been unable to find (on internet) a related MACR or Aircraft Accident report.

    Here is what I know, gained from Sag Harbor Express (newspaper) article and from plaque placed at Holy Rosary Cathedral ---

    Lieutenant Arthur Browngardt, a pilot with the 499th Bomb Squadron, “Bats Outa Hell”, named his B-25J bomber “Sag Harbor Express”, a title shared with his hometown’s newspaper.

    At 9:30 am. on 07 Jan. 1945, “Sag Harbor Express” was bombing Clark Field, Luzon Island, the Philippines, during an all-out 5th Air Force attack. After being hit by Japanese flak it plowed through the roof of Holy Rosary Cathedral, making a large gaping hole in the roof, leaving its left wing caught among the ceiling rafters. It then broke in to pieces and crashed into a huge fireball on the patio of the nearby Holy Angel Academy, killing the entire crew. The pilot and co-pilot were thrown clear of the aircraft upon impact while the rest were either mangled, partially burned or charred beyond recognition.

    In Feb. 1945, after the liberation of Angeles, a U.S. Army Graveyard Unit exhumed the remains and they were shipped back to the U.S.A. for permanent interment.

    1st Lt. Arthur Browngardt0n; Pilot – Sag Harbor, Long Island, New, York
    2nd Lt. Jack B. Bartlow; Co-Pilot – 8624 Woodbridge, Cincinnati, Ohio
    2nd Lt. Howard C. Lebeck; Navigator – 93 E. Schley Blvd., Bremerton, Wash.
    T/Sgt. William H. Noe; Engineer-Gunner – Address Unknown
    T/Sgt. Clarence H. Gilbert; Radioman-Gunner – Home Address Unknown
    S/Sgt. Englehardt Von Hebel; Gunner – Home Address Unknown
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    Looking a Joe Baugher's page here: http://cgibin.rcn.com/jeremy.k/cgi-bin/gzUsafSearch.pl?target=43-36204&content=

    with 9 planes (B-25 Js) listed in 345th BG, a "guess" would be 43-36030. (Search on the page for 345 to see the 9 planes).

    The plane did have "030" on the tail and this site does make the connection, search for "SAG" on the page.


    Here is a RC model of the plane:

    https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/attachments/3/1/6/4/6/0/a9981364-22-DSC_0893 (1).jpg

    Von Hebel was from St Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. He was born in the Netherlands.

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    bATS oUTA hELL

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    Airwar, yes the USAAFData.com site has them all listed in that plane. You can search the site with only the plane number in the "Details" and they all show up.

    O-823789 Jack B Bartlow, 2L, OH , 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030
    O-764969 Arthur Browngardt, Jr 2L, NY, 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030
    13063466 Clarence H Gilbert, TS , VA, 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030
    O-704602 Howard C Lebeck, 2L, DC, 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030
    15087318 William H Noe, SS, KY, 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030
    34408015 Engelhardt Von Hebel, SS, FL, 7 1 1945, B-25J-11 # 43-36030

    Also perhaps of interest, when you look up the MACR for B-25 43-36187, which crashed on 9 January, 1945 (2 days later) at the same location as 43-36030, that MACR mentions the recovery and identification of the crew of "43-36030" (but not by their serial number).

    I could not find a MACR for 43-36030 on fold 3.
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    Roland, I agree with the 'best guess' serial number. Especially because for those 345th BG B-25J's which I can verify tail number versus serial number, the tail always reflects the last 3 or 4 digits of the serial number. Nice to know about Von Hebel, also.

    EDIT --

    While I was spending more time thinking than typing the above response, and one for Jaap's posts, both of you posted even more information. Thank you very much for you timely and appropriately related posts!!

    I an now certain the information from USAAFData.com ensures the aircraft serial number was 43-36030. I do not know why we can not find a MACR or Accident Report, but for now will 'settle' for the information you both have provided.

    This is the 1.66-meter long fuselage of the 2-meter wingspan, radio controlled model I am attempting to complete and fly as a tribute on 20 May, Armed Forces Day in America. The story of the plane and crew will be included on a display beside the 'parked' plane.

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    Thanks for the effort, Scott! You added information I didn't have.
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