B-24H # 42-95247 '' Dixie Flyer '' Lt. Theo Emens

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    Hal Iam digging in your expertice bomb group, the 445th.
    This weekend we leave with the children to Ameland ( Frisian Islands )
    The bombardier, 2/Lt. Theodore N. Emens was buried at Nes,Ameland
    and I will try to find his first burial reinterment.
    This information I found, but probably there is more ;


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    Actually I'm more into the 447th. This is very interesting, will see if I can find more about him. Have a good trip to Ameland, hope your search is successful.

    Took the liberty of trying to clean up your MACR pages a little to make them easier to read.


    Fold3_Page_2_Missing_Air_Crew_Reports_MACRs_of_the_US_Army_Air_Forces_19421947.jpg Fold3_Page_10_Missing_Air_Crew_Reports_MACRs_of_the_US_Army_Air_Forces_19421947.jpg
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    Thankzz Hal, I hope I can find the burial site. If so I will made a photo and place it here.

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    Hope your Nes, Ameland investigation is successful!

    For those with fold3 access this 28 page MACR 8922 starts here https://www.fold3.com/image/28739079 some pages in poor condition as pointed out with Hal's help earlier with a couple pages. The postwar statement of Lt Wilson (Navigator) is attached. Not much of a mission narrative here, their Liberator was hit by *Flak* over the Nazi held Island of Heligoland, (see Map below) and turned for home but did not make it.

    Found this (I think not in your links above) Netherlands, Death Index https://www.wiewaswie.nl/personen-zoeken/zoeken/document/srcid/50124047

    Pvt. Theodore N Emens, ASN: 14135937 original enlistment NARA record https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record...&tf=F&q=14135937&bc=sl&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=126183

    Here is 2nd Lt Theodore N Emens, ASN: O-706717 Headstone Application 22 November 1949, signed for by his mother. His WW II death roster record is attached.
    2nd Lt Theodore Neltting  Emens, Jr.jpg
    There are at least three variations for the spelling of his middle name: Neltting-fathers marriage record, Natting-family tree record, Nutting-HS year book. Unknown with certainty which is correct, probably better left as "N".

    Here is his 1938 Woodlawn High School, Birmingham Alabama year book page, followed by his cropped photo (compared to the newspaper photo you found), and HS year book caption.
    Theodore Neltting  Emens, Jr_1938_Woodlawn_HS.jpg
    Theodore Neltting  Emens, Jr_1938_Woodlawn_HS - Copy.jpg 2nd Lt Emens - Copy.jpg
    Theodore Neltting  Emens, Jr_1938_Woodlawn_HS - Copy (2).jpg

    Hope this added Lt Emens data helps, good hunting at Nes. Sorry for the Wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nes,_Ameland so others know where you are searching.

    Safe travels,

    Overview 42-95247 12Sept44.jpg

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    Holy Cow,Scott,thanks for your good research.

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    This is what we do, no thanks needed. Mike Simpson is the historian for the 445BG maybe he can add more about this crew on this mission.

    Be well and take care my large Dutch friend visiting these islands this time of year.
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    Scott tomorrow afternoon I visit the cemetery of Nes,Ameland with the local researcher, Jouke Wijnberg.
    When I am home I post the photos on the forum,

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