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B-24H # 42-95128

Discussion in '445th BG - Tibenham' started by Airwar, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    B-24H # 42-95128 " Bonnie Vee ", 445 BG / 700 BS. MACR 9397, 27 September 1944

    2/Lt. William S. Bruce P - POW near Bebra
    1/Lt. John P. Willet Jr CP
    2/Lt. Daniel A. Abraham N
    2/Lt. Daniel H. Appleton B
    T/Sgt. Clavin S. Hess E
    T/Sgt. Peter Pogovich R - POW near Eisenach
    S/Sgt. Fred A. Paulus RWG
    S/Sgt. William J. Fleming LWG
    S/Sgt. Glenn H. Schaffer TG

    Target to Henschel plants at Kassel,Germany. The aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters at 21.000ft,
    setting aircraft in fire before it exploded in mid-air and crashed West of Richelsdorf,Germany. 7 KIA,2 POW.
    Three men could not to be identified by the Germans and all were buried in the Cemetery of Richelsdorf.
    All were identified post war and reinterred in Lorraine Cemetery in the Spring of 1945
    Four remain in Lorraine Cemetery : B-LWG-RWG-TG.
    The CP returned to Ohio and the N to Pennsylvania
    In the Creuzburg Zeitung of 2014 is an article about this crew. Allready send to Mike Simpson.
    When enyone else want this article,send me an email.

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  2. B-24 Best Web

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  3. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Daniel glad your back on the forum and thanks for sharing the photo.

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