B-24D # 42-72870

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    B-24D # 42-72870, Carpetbagger Operation, 5/6 April 1944, 801st BG / 406th BS. MACR 3568

    2/Lt.William W.Nicoll P
    2/Lt.Adolphe W. Kalbfleisch CP
    2/Lt.William G.Harris N
    2/Lt.Thomas F.Davis B
    S/Sgt.Richard C.Bindel E
    S/Sgt.Warren A.Brewer R
    S/Sgt.Joseph E.Porter WG
    S/Sgt.Ralph L.Kittrell TG

    17 B-24's despatched on a Carpetbagger Operation. FLAK burst hit the B-24 in the navigators compartment, also severing the rudder controls. The crew were not wearing parachutes and Lts Nicoll and Davis and Sgt Brewer had no time to put them on and went down in the B-24 wich crashed at Bernieres-le-Patry,six miles SE
    of Vire,France. 6 KIA, 2 EVD.

    Buried in the Communal Cemetery at Truttemer-le-Grand. Later all were reinterred in the US Military Cemetery Marigny St.Lo. Although badly burned,Sgt Kittrell baled out and landed in a tree,crushing his chest.
    French people at Tinchebray said that he was captured and taken to the Chateau de la Rochelle. After three days without food,water and medical aid he was shot in the head by the commanding officer of the German unit.Three, B,E & R could not be individually identified after the war and received a Group Burial in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery,Louisville,Kentucky. Lt. Harris was returned to Memphis National Cemetery in Tennesee. S/Sgt.Kittrell was returned to California and Lt.Nicoll is buried in Plot L-17-22, Brittany Cemetery.

    Jaap Vermeer MDE
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