B-24 OTU /RTU and Tranistion Training Bases

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    I am in the process of identifying the subject stateside bases used for this category of training.
    To date I have identified the following AAF's that performed this training: Bruning (NE), Fairmont (NE), Ft. Sumner (NM), Las Vegas (NV), Pueblo (CO), Keesler (MS), Cortland (AL), Liberal (KS), Maxwell (AL) and Symrna (TN).

    With so many B-24 experts who visit this forum I would appreciate if my list could please be critiqued. I no doubt have errors in the above and the list seems to me to be too short so I no doubt have missed some bases altogether.

    Thanking you in advance,
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    1) Do not believe Las Vegas was a B-24 OTU / RTU, believe it was strictly a gunnery school.

    2) Easy way of finding out B-24 training fields (actually a cheat) -- goto aviation archaeology and under type of aircraft, put B-24E and you will get a lot of the B-24 training ships that crashed. Copy and down load the table (will be a whole bunch of pages 450 B-24E's listed -- 25 / page) to a word document then sort on home field

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    Interesting article,


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