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B-24 A/C: 41-28982 MACR: 10495

Discussion in '455th BG - San Giovanni' started by tothfzs, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. tothfzs

    tothfzs Member

    Dear Gentleman!

    I would like your help Missing Air Crew Reports #10495. FOLD3 sides i found the report, but unfortunately it does not contain data sheet. Can someone help me what was the A/C 41-28982 airplane engines AAF serial number and installed weapons serial number?
    Thank you in advance for their efforts!
  2. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    I have reviewed the entire MACR as posted on fold3 and unfortunately the first two pages which contain the information you are seeking are missing. Other than the MACR the only place I can think of that would contain the information you seek would be the Group Engineer's log books. You could try investigating another source such as Accident-report.com to inquire if they have the complete MACR including the missing pages. I am curious as to your purpose for seeking this information.

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  3. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member


    Attached Files:

  4. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member

    All I want to do is look at these PDF files.
    Is it possible to open these PDF's without having to download them?
  5. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    Don't know what sort of device you are using but on my PC I have the choice to either 'open' or 'save'. On my iPad the only way to see a PDF is to save it first.

  6. Big Chudy

    Big Chudy New Member

    Thanks, Hal

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