B-17G # 42-97273

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    B-17G # 42-97273 - BK*F, 384 BG / 546 BS, 7 July 1944,MACR 7454

    2/Lt. Nicholas V.Pranger P
    2/Lt. Kenneth U.Vaden CP
    2/Lt. Edward J.Cheresnik N
    2/Lt. Charles E.Wolf Jr. B
    S/Sgt. Cameron H.Brooker E
    T/Sgt. Ralph R.Meyer R
    Sgt. Erle R.Browne BTG
    Sgt. John J.Sullivan WG
    Sgt. Hugh T.Kidwell TG

    Target Leipzig,Germany. Aircraft was enroute to the target when it was subjected to violent prop wash over Holland. Sgt. Kidwell thought the aircraft was doomed and baled out at 08.20hrs. He was captured by Dutch
    land Police near Giethoorn, about 6 miles west of Meppel at 09.30hrs. 1 POW, 8 RTD.
    This aircraft was reported MIA on 12 July 1944, but with a total other crew.

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