B-17 tail gun with gun camera

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    Attached is part of a claim report of a B-17 tail gunner of the 15th AF in early 1944. The gunner mentions that his tail gun had a camera attached.
    Has anyone ever heard about a B-17 tail gun equipped with a gun camera?

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    Dan there was an N-2 camera location between the guns but not always used apparently.

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    In the 8th Air Force the tail gunner position on each squadron lead aircraft was equipped with a camera operated by an officer. Our Co-pilot often was assigned to that position. He filmed squadron formation in flight, flak, fighter attacks, weather and any other unusual things. Our Co-pilot was in that position on April 6, 1945 and filmed the mid-air collision of his own crew near Leipzig.
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    Welcome back Bill. Good to hear from you.

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