B-17 found in germany, do you know the pilots name?

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    thank you jaap,

    you are welcome to us.

    thanks for research and new pictures. paul m. (son) will be surprised to see them. he intents to vistit the memory place too.

    our guests at the plate event were lorna p. (niece of earl hansen) with gentleman friend john c.

    Erinnerungstafel 2017 022.jpg

    Erinnerungstafel 2017 037.jpg

    Erinnerungstafel 2017 024.jpg
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    I hope this is acceptable to all involved. The Capt McErlane memorial page on findagrave has been updated with the Schutterwald Memorial image https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=173567748 click on the Schutterwald Memorial image for caption; always open to edit suggestions.

    As there was a 2nd Lt. Earl H Hansen presents at the Schutterwald Memorial Ceremony the earlier, rather blank Earl Henry Hansen findagrave page https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=118351396 has been augmented with photos and content, again edit suggestions welcome.

    The remainder of the Capt McErlane Crew findagrave memorials are in need of updating.
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    jaap, the poem is written by reiner (translated by my sister)
    thx for the link
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    Chris can you send me by PM your adress or phone number. Probably my wife and I will visit Schutterwald this
    summer for our holidays.

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    Thank you, Chris for sharing this very special video celebrating the John Thomas McErlane and Crew memorial plate ceremony.

    For many translation of the Newspaper links are not needed if viewed using Google Chrome where translation is automatic. However for others these translation pages are offered to leave no one out of this story:
    Article (1) https://translate.google.com/transl...h-auf-spurensuche--138137224.html&prev=search
    Photo L to R: Clemens Herrmann Chairman, Schutterwald Historical Society; Lorna Polley niece of co-pilot 2nd Lt. Earl H Hansen; and Martin Holschuh, Mayor of Schutterwald
    Schutterwald, McErlane Crew Memorial June 2017 [1].jpg

    Article (2) https://translate.google.com/transl...g-vor-einem-amerikanischen-helden&prev=search
    Photo L to R: Two unnamed children "memorial bookends" (perhaps representing the children Capt McErlane likely saved that snowy late January day in 1945), Mayor Martin Holschuh, and Clemens Herrmann
    Schutterwald, McErlane Crew Memorial June 2017 [2].jpg
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