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B-17 found in germany, do you know the pilots name?

Discussion in 'Heavy & Very Heavy Bombers' started by chris1, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

  2. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    eugen told me on the phone right now,

    that the printed newspaper report is more extensive, than the online variant.
    i will recive a scan one of the next days, then you will see more.

    the memorial plate plans are going on. text is in translation into english and fresh by now, so it will be in three languages.
    craftsman is planning a roof upon the plate for the wheather.
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  3. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing. Sometimes these online articles disappear, so have saved them to PDF (attached) in both Deutsche and English. Some German words do not translate well so I helped them along, hope this is accurate.
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  4. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    thank you scott :)

    today i can give the paper version into the forum

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  5. Linda

    Linda New Member

    The information about my father, William Rambo, is not accurate. He did NOT serve in the Korean War.
  6. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Linda. I have edited my English translation version of the Clemens Herrmann article in post #223 (and added it here) which erroneously claimed that your father served in the Korean conflict. Sadly there is nothing I can do to repair the original German article. However you highlighting this error is most important should a memorial be established in
    Schutterwald, this error will not be repeated there.

    Your fathers Findagrave Memorial is here https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=49352834 I left a candle lite.

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  7. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Unclear if this helps any McErlane Crew family members or participants of this thread. There have been several instances where this photo has been moved forward thru this thread, with caption added below. I have taken the liberty to combine the McErlane Crew photo with crew member name and position caption included. Two variants A and B only difference being the font size for crew names and slight difference in cropping, not sure if one is better than the other so both are offered. I hope the photo credit citing is proper and accurate.
    McErlane Crew photo w-caption(A)
    McErlane Crew photo w-caption(A).jpg
    McErlane Crew photo w-caption(B)
    McErlane Crew photo w-caption(B).jpg
  8. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    Sorry about this. i am afraid, they mixed up the story.
    i sent this information to the historic society of schutterwald, hoping they will correct the article and not repeat the mistake on the memory plate.
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  9. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    ... response from clemens (schutterwald historic society) ->

    memory plate and speech will appear correct.

    (unfortunately the article cannot be changed retrospectively.)
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  10. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    hi kingman,
    on the post about update:

    the plate ia already printed, it will be brought into place in june. i will give you the date, as soon as i got it :)
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  11. Severin

    Severin New Member

    Hey chris1,

    Would be cool to be there for the unveiling. Let me know when it happens and I'll see if my grandfather is interested in making the trip to the site.
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  12. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    Hi Severin, this would be fine :) to welcome you and your grandfather.
    the plan would be 14th of june. but this day is not sure yet. i am waiting for date confirmation from schutterwald.
    i will give the information as soon as possible.
  13. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    Dear relatives of B-17 Honey Chile crew,
    dear plane crash researchers,

    You are welcome to the unveiling of the plane crash memory plate for John Thomas McErlane.
    The unveiling will take place in Schutterwald on 14th of June 2017 at 5 pm.
    Meeting point will be on the way from old purification plant in Schutterwald streight into the forrest
    along the water jump to the point just before right turn to Müllen.
  14. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the update. I am not aware of any family members that are planning to attend but we all appreciate the efforts. I assume from your description that the plate is being placed at or near the actual crash site, is that correct?
  15. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    hi rolland,
    i do not know about plans of relatives yet. i mailed to them the information as i got it from schutterwald.
    you are right, the plate will be near the actual crash site.
  16. MBP_History

    MBP_History New Member

    Long overdue update from the Pillsbury's. I have been stewing over a screen play idea for this. I emailed Chris about it. She believes in the idea. I wasn't sure about it until it came up again speaking with my dad last week. He mentioned that his father had wanted to be a pilot, but did not qualify. I think I’ve heard this. But this time it was like an arrow hit my heart. But not in the fun way on Valentines. My dad believes in it.

    Goal is to keep costs as low as possible. Use all unknown actors. I would like to play my grandfather, if I can act. The old man can be his old man, as an old man. If he's up for it. But if I am bad at it then I won’t. I am not trying to break into film or anything. Just following my heart. There will be no particular star. I'd like to call it "Fallen Angels".

    Will seek pro bono consultations from established directors and screenwriters. Try to be as true to the story as possible, with some poetic license. I want 50% of any profits to go to PTSD charities, and the rest be split among the families of the crew. I have contacts in the artistic communities of LA and NYC. I have a recently formed an LLC.

    I am young, strong, confident, and healthy. The people that need to be interviewed, and those who can benefit the most from this project, may not be able to say that. People have told me I am brilliant. I believe I am smart. I have yet been able to translate that to sustained financial success in my adult life. But I have triumphed over many things. And believe I am about to turn it around. I will be making money through other writing endeavors on the side. I am 29 in 9 days.

    If we can pull this off I may consider believing them, but will have to credit many others. I have a wealth of soul. As for capital, I am going to try to crowdfund some of it and will be reinvesting what I can, within reason, from other projects.

    My number one priority is my own emotional and physical health. I have finally learned that you can't help anyone else, if you don't help yourself. I have decided I must at least try. “The principle Aim, Goal, and Mission, of Distillate Media LLC is to be positive, helpful, and good; while providing entertaining, innovative, and fun ways to think, learn, and better ourselves. -Michael Pillsbury, CXO.”

    If it is possible. I would like to form a trust perhaps, for the project. As it usually is with creatives, I am not a CPA or CFO. I am however great at finding and bringing the right people together, and getting the best out of them. I will be delving deep into this in about a month after I finish up another matter. I would like the release date to be January 21st, 2020. The 75th anniversary of the flight. That gives us 982 days. Should be plenty.

    I want to get to know the personal lives of each man as best as I can. If anyone is interested in helping, please look for any personal diaries, and conduct any recorded interviews you may be able too with those who knew them. I am sure there’s enough here on this forum to make something. But I want to do as good a job as I can. I can see everything but the ending in my head, outline wise. 2.5-3 hours.

    An hour of exposition beginning with the crews last successful flight and getting to know the Village. 15-20 minute flight. 15-25 minute escape and evade attempts. 15-25 minutes of the POW camp. An hour or so after all that telling the stories of each man thereafter, as fairly and equitably as possible, up to the point of death. Ending just came to me.

    A depiction of the beginning of this forum. Edgar goes to Chris. Chris posts. Screenshot of PC showing a thread with the words “waiting for replies” or something like that. Full circle. Seems perfect. Boom! Thoughts, input, etc. greatly appreciated. I can’t get too into it for a month or so, like I said. I am guessing a Trust is probably the first big step, then we can set up a GoFundMe for it. Time for bed. Good night everyone and thank you all!
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  17. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    hi scott, a map with meeting point for 14th.
    this is not yet the exact crash point as in your map was given. we will go to meeting point first and then together to crash point, where the plate will be set up.

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  18. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Vielen Dank, Chris.

    I hope preparations for the John Thomas McErlane memorial plate ceremony are going well. Please take many pictures of this public gathering and unveiling of the Capt McErlane memorial plate. Also if you please would you with your phone capture the exact GPS coordinates of the memorial plate. This is somewhat important, often there are photos of memorials such as this however there exact location seems almost secret (or at least not openly published) And, the marker/memorial plate may not be the exact crash site.

    With that in mind are there any future plans to investigate this site from an archaeological standpoint, metal detectors etc.?

    Thank you again Chris and Reiner for all that you and your family and others involved from the Schutterwald City Government to make this Capt McErlane Memorial possible. And the invaluable research support of Rolland Swank (USA), Jaap Vermeer (Netherlands), Edgar Kranz (Germany), and Eugen Hansmann (Germany); to name just a few involved.

    Again, please take lots of pictures! Video would be nice also but might be more difficult to share with us.

    Herzliche grüße aus,

    I have added an overview map here showing the meeting place you noted (at the bend in the trail) related to the 43-37857 crash site (as described below) only .35 km away following the forest trail.
    Overview Capt John McErlane B-17, 43-37857 Memorial 14June2017.jpg
    McErlane ceremony meeting site 14 June 2017; location: 48.464592, 7.852103 [ 48°27'52.5"N 7°51'07.6"E ]
    Capt John McErlane B-17, 43-37857 crash site; location: 48.466667, 7.851111 [ 48°28'00.0"N 7°51'04.0"E ] obtained from Chris in, post #5, 4 Sept 2016 (from her phone GPS) visiting the site.

    As a reminder for all, here are the Chris and Reiner initial images of the crash site in 2015, see post #21, page 2 http://www.forum.armyairforces.com/...ermany-do-you-know-the-pilots-name.784/page-2
    absturzstelle-Crash site pic1.jpg
    absturzstelle-Crash site pic2.jpg
    absturzstelle-Crash site pic3.jpg
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  19. chris1

    chris1 Active Member

    greetings from 14-06-2017 event

    real crashpoint and plate point is 48°27'49''N 7°51'20''E
    (plane parts were found there in april 2017)



  20. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Chris thank you for sharing these photos and all your work to remember the McErlane crew.
    I hope to find some time to visit this Memorial Site.


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