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    I need info if Arnold (Moon) Mullins from 307fs was shot down over Yugoslavia, in August-September 1944.
    John Nelson, from same squadron, in one statement claims that he met him while evading in September 1944.

    (page 10, middle of right column)

    I could not find MACR with Mullins, nor Escape statement.
    Nelson was evacuated on September 17th, in group of 20 American airmen. I have all 20 Escape statements of airmen evacuated in this group, so it seems that Mullins was not with them.


    I did find MACR and Escape statement of James Beckham, from same squadron, shot on same day as Nelson but on different place, and evacuated with him. Except name, he completely fits description.

    It seems that there was mistake in Nelson's statement, that he mistaken Beckham for Mullins.
    But I would like to check it, if possible.

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