Any points of contact left for 34th BG?

Discussion in '34th BG - Mendelsham' started by BAlterman, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. BAlterman

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    I had this thread posted before the forums went down but is there any points of contact left for anyone associated with the 34th BG association or historians? I know Gary Ferrell passed away in 2005 but who is running the valor to victory website? I'd love to maybe contact his family or whoever is running the website and maybe bring the website up to speed. It would be a shame if all that information one day goes offline. I believe my grandfather's plane Gallipolis Special was the same ship as his uncle's later named Sweet Seventeen. Sadly I'll never get to share that with him but thought possibly one of his relatives might find that interesting.
  2. Airwar

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    Can you give your grandfathers name,that would be easyer to research,thank you.

  3. BAlterman

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    His name is Jasper Paladino. All of the information I have found (including the men he served with) point to the 34th. I was even able to find a letter he wrote that was published in mendlesham memories. His discharge papers however list 96th BG 339th BS on them which caused many years of zero hits for me. My grandmother recently gave me some pictures that opened a lot of doors via the 34th.

    I had a parallel thread over on this website here : with the pictures I have to backup my claim that Galipolis Special and Sweet Seventeen are the same ship.
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    A couple of years ago I made a backup of Gary's website. I wouldn't mind helping with an effort to modernize and preserve the valuable work that Gary did.
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    Man, had to register another name since the FB link isn't working. Sorry it's taken me so long to check in. A lot has happened this past year. David Kiley, I was actually in talks with Gary's widow to try and update the website and possibly donate copies of his research to the 8th AF museum but ended up dropping the ball due to personal issues. Appreciate the pdf Airwar but that is a James Paladino, my grandfather's name is Jasper. I was also the one who updated that american air museum link for the ship. I think I'm actually close to tracking down the relatives of his friend John Wooten. Hoping they might have some more information for me.

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