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    Basil Roman, age 97, died in Naples Florida on April 4, 2017. Dr Roman never served in the AAF but was definitely connected. When we first met more than 25 years ago I could hardly understand him through his thick accent. Dr. Roman came from Romania, more specifically, his family had a farm just outside Ploesti. In fact one of the first things he did was to correct my pronunciation of Ploesti. He would sit and tell me stories of working in the fields when the American bombers flew overhead on their way to the oil refineries. How they would jump up and down, wave their arms and cheer as the planes went by. Certainly the Germans would not have appreciated their enthusiasm but if any of our bomber crews saw them waving they definitely would have appreciated it. I certainly was honored that he allowed me to become a friend.

    In the 35 years I have lived in this town there have been many like Dr. Roman who I had the pleasure to meet. Sadly most are gone now and the people who have come to occupy their space have no clue about what this generation did for us. Farewell Dr. Roman I will remember you.
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    Sorry to hear about his recent passing.

    Warmest Regards


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